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An All-In-One compilation of Humanoid Races. 11 Races are available to play as. They include: Naga, Pahmar, Goblin, Minotaur (Two Types), Xivilai, Golden Saint, Imp, Leshen, Succubus, Corprus Victims & Ohmes.

Permissions and credits
1.1 Update:

  • Taunt feature (voice)
  • Race-Spell implementation
  • More faithful race stats
  • Race-Skin Stat variation (different skins for a race may have different taunts, spells).
  • Race descriptions
  • Mihail Skeleton Implementation
  • Vanilla Armor compatibility for (Naga, Pahmar, Goblin, Ohmes)
  • Merged missing Meshes into the release rather than having it as a stand-alone download
  • Fixed Cyrodilic Minotaur File Pathing issue causing it to be invisible
  • New video demonstration
  • Added Pahmar Raht Race, Regular Minotaur Race (4 variants) and Ohmes Race (4 variants)

We did Playable Monster Mod Add-Ons in the past. They were all individually released. Now we are going to upload compilations. This is not a compilation of Mihail's work, this is a compilation of our Add-Ons based on his (and other) works. This will save you the trouble of having to download 11 per-requisite mods and 11 of our mod add-ons and (if you used them) additional armor add-ons just to get a decent experience. Now all you have to do is download ONE mod, that has only ONE file to download, and you only need ONE ESP activated.


  • ESP file goes into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • 'Meshes', 'Textures', 'Scripts' & 'Sound' folders go into your Skyrim Data Folder.


We'd like to thank Mihail & his many partners for their Art and Programming assets as well as for the Go-Ahead to release this add-on compilation! See the credits list for a full list of links.

The new races have a Humanoid Gameplay Style. They will be able to do most anything that the vanilla races can. Some armor restrictions apply for right now.

All races and their variants can be selected in the Race Menu.

You can get rid of base / default headparts (should they appear in race menu) simply by selecting another race, and switching back to the race of your choice.

We forgot to include the Scripts folder. So make sure to download and install it.

Next (and possibly final update):

  • New Races: Auroran, Scamp, Vanilla (From our race pack - Dremora, Child, Mannequin & Afflicted)
  • New Content: Ohmes V2 update incorporation.
  • Increased Compatibility: Custom Armors, More First Person Arm models.
  • Increased Stat-Skin Differentiation:
    Skill Boosts
    Perks for Races (See NPCS) (can be done via spells, and spread out)
    (Already done to an extent with voice and spells)
  • Recipes   
Race items can now be crafted  
Race Pre-requisites, E.g. Naga = Recipe availability for Naga items.
  • SE Port

SSE Version:

Demonstration Video


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