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An All-In-One compilation of Novelty (& non-threatening) animals to play as. There are 8 races including: Mudcrab Merchant, House Cat, Bantam Guar, Octopus, Sheep Dog, Sheep, Emu & Wild Hog.

Permissions and credits
Thank you to Carrie Talbot for covering our House Cat Add-On when it was a Stand-Alone!

We only did 1 Novelty Monster Mod Add-On in the past (House Cats). Now we are going to upload a compilation. This is not a compilation of Mihail's work, this is a compilation of our Add-Ons based on his (and other peoples) works. This will save you the trouble of having to download 7 per-requisite mods and 7 of our mod add-ons just to get a decent experience. Now all you have to do is download ONE mod, that has only ONE file to download, and you only need ONE ESP activated.


  • ESP file goes into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • 'Meshes', 'Textures', 'Scripts',  'SEQ' & 'Sound' folders go into your Skyrim Data Folder.


We'd like to thank SirCumference64 for their Playable Monster Mod project (which acts as the programming foundation for this mod). We'd also like to thank Mihail & his many partners for their Art and Programming assets as well as for the Go-Ahead to release this add-on compilation! See the credits list for a full list of links.

Bantam Guar = Chicken gameplay

House Cat = Skeever gameplay

Mudcrab Merchant = Mudcrab gameplay

Wild Hog = Bristleback gameplay

Sheep = Goat gameplay

Emu = Deer gameplay

Sheep Dog = Dog gameplay

Octopus (Cephalopod) = Netchgameplay

Craft the Spell Tomes at a Forge to Polymorph.

We recommend you polymorph in a remote area, and use the Become Friendly Spell to avoid townsfolk hating you.

Both polymorphing and reverting back can be done an unlimited amount of times.

More skins may be available in a future update, should this prove successful enough.

Ignore the original Playable Monster Mod esp. It is not necessary to install or have activated.

All the animals have a taunt spell (save for the Sheep Dog, which has the default dog voice type instead).

SSE Version:
Demonstration Video
*TBA (HouseCat Stand-Alone Video Is Available)


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