About this mod

I carefully re-textured ALL eyes to look like those of a living person + fixed several incompatibilities and inconsistencies present in the original textures! Adds 397 NEW color options closely resembling Bethesda's original style!

Permissions and credits
After months of setbacks I have finally done it! Eyes that look truly alive and catch the light naturally!
 I liked Bethesda's work so I stayed true to the originals but made enough changes so that ALL the Diffuse, Subsurface, Environment Masks and Normal Maps work together seamlessly to create the effect of eyes that actually look back at you.
Be sure to track this mod! I will be improving and addressing issues, adding new colors as well as working to make custom patches tailored to fit your all favorite eye mods! NO MORE DEAD STARES!!!!

5und43f1n3d317y's Living Eyes Expansion

  • Adds 148 NEW colors to Humans, totaling 163 playable options
  • Adds 104 NEW colors to Dunmer, totaling 109 playable options
  • Adds 103 NEW colors to Altmer, totaling 108 playable options
  • Adds 102 NEW colors to Bosmer, totaling 108 playable options
  • Adds 97 NEW colors to Orismer, totaling 103 playable options
  • Adds 22 NEW colors to Khajiit, totaling 32 playable options

  • Adds 11 NEW colors to Argonian, totaling 32 playable options

What Improvements Did I Make?

  • Custom hand painted Normal Maps made for ALL Humanoid, Beast and Werebeast NPCs
  • Custom hand painted Environment Maps made for ALL Humanoid, Beast and Werebeast NPCs
  • Custom hand painted Diffuse Textures made for ALL Humanoid, Beast and Werebeast NPCs
  • Custom hand painted Subsurface Textures made for ALL Humanoid, Beast and Werebeast NPCs
  • Redone Khajiit eyes to look more feline
  • Redone Argonian eyes to look more reptilian, replaces duplicate colors with similar shades
  • Redone Bosmer eyes to look more like that of the hunters they are said to belong to
  • Retouches Vampire eyes are now consistent across ALL races as they were in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Retouches the Blind Eyes so they are consistent across ALL races
  • Retouches the Ice Blue Eyes to now be ice blue
  • Retouches the Light Grey Eyes to have normal sized pupils
  • Retouches those of the Werewolf (Now matches with Skyrim's normal wolves for added consistency)
  • Retouches the Werewolf's Environment Mask so that light reflects of the retina more naturally
  • New Cube Map complete with a real horizon!

Options Available Include...

  • REPLACER textures without the ESP file or 397 additional textures
  • Bethesda REPLACER textures without the ESP file or 397 additional textures, made to match Bethesda's original shades
  • Uncompressed Normal Maps in both x128 (Bethesda's resolution) or x512 (Most popular resolution on Nexus)
  • All Eyes Expansion Removes the race restrictions for humanoid races, allowing ALL the humanoid races to use EVERY color option!
  • New Cube Maps Just the Cube Maps for those who don't want the rest of the textures!

  • Non-Glowing Pupils for Vampires  Replaces the glowing pupils with non-glowing ones for all Vampire related textures!

  • Bright Grey Lashes for Falmer Eyes Replaces the blonde eyelashes of the original with lashes that match the game's lightest playable hair color!

  • The Eyes Of Beauty Compatibility Patch New Living Eyes textures custom made to fit The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
  • The Eyes Of Beauty Uncompressed Normals the uncompressed textures custom made to fit The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
  • The Eyes Of Beauty Cube Map Fix A new Cube Map designed to imitate the sparkle that is lost with the patch for The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam

Coming Soon...

  • Version 1.2 (Progress: 10% Complete)
  • Skyrim Special Edition Version (Progress: 15% Complete)
  • Additional Albino options for the Expansion (Progress: 45% Complete)
  • Additional Dragon inspired eyes for the Expansion (Progress: 30% Complete)

  • Additional Daedric Prince inspired eyes for the Expansion (Progress: 30% Complete)
  • Patches for NPC mods that use custom eye textures (Pending permission)
  • Patches for other eye mods (Pending permission)
  • List of mods that are compatible with my work (Progress: 30% Complete)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Living Eyes Replace existing textures?
A: Yes, it was intended as a full overhaul Skyrim's NPCs
Q: Does this work with LogRaam's Eyes of Beauty or other eye mods?
A: Technically yes, but what makes my mod work are my Normal Maps, Environment Maps and Subsurface Textures. Without them used together and at the same time being perfectly aligned with the Diffuse Textures provided by other mods the Living Eyes effect is lost.
Q: What does the ESP file do and Why do I need it?
A: The ESP file is what makes the Expansion possible, without it installed the additional options will not appear in game. that being said you will still need the Texture folder provided in your Data folder for the mod to work.
Q: What do the replacer options do exactly?
A: The replacer options are only the Texture folder in your the Data folder, they will overwrite Bethesda's work without the need for an ESP file.
Q: Why has your mod's description updated a bazillion times?
A: I don't actually know how to use Mod Details page so bear with me please!
Q: What is taking so long?
A: I will not settle for less than perfect!