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A Racemenu Preset Pack. Contains 5 cute Asian girl Character Presets , 4 presets created specifically for the Half Dragon Race BUT will also work for normal races (you can change the head part in the racemenu if needed!) and last but now least a new look specifically made for all of you Vampire players! More below!

Permissions and credits
NOTE: THESE ALSO WORK FOR SE! (you will need their respective requirements for SE tho! The links here are all for LE)

Added a new preset thats based on my current character specifically made to suite the Vampire race best!
This one might require DVA - Dynamic Vampire Appearance for the normal human look while having a WAY better red eye texture!


4 new preset mainly created for the Half Dragon Race which im currently using, has been added as both a standalone file as well as in the actual main pack. I included the first Dracona preset into the Main file so if you only needed that one you are good to go.
For the other 3 you will need the Standalone that ALSO includes the first Dracona preset.
If you dont like the basic human presets you wont need the Main file.
I will most likelly upload a unified version soon too!

For these new presets you will need:
Half-Dragon Race
KS Hairdos - HDT Physics

I also wanna leave a huge shoutout to all those who both commented and messaged me personally about the presets.
Im glad you are all liking my presets so far and i want you all to know that you definitelly should be expecting more from this soon!

This file contains 5 Asian female character presets for Racemenu.
The characters are based on the Nord race and have been created using real life references of Korean as well as Japanese girls.
The idea was to get the most realistic and at the same time cute look as possible (based on my taste ofc).
The presets are Asian, Korean, BDO Inspired Fantasy, Japanese and Japanese Elf.
More to come soon! If you want me to make a specific preset feel free to ask!

NOTE: I will be adding guy presets as well soon!

Requirements (MUST HAVE):

-  Racemenu
-  Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition  -  CBBE
-  Fair Skin Complexion
-  SG Eyebrows
-  KS Hairdos Renewal
-  The Eyes of Beauty

Last but definitelly not least:

As mentioned above, for the Half Dragon (Dracena) Presets you will need:

Half Dragon Race
KS Hairdos - HDT Physics


For MO you can just enable it like all other mods.
If installing manually, just throw the file into your Skyrim main directory (where SKSE is located).

In-Game, open the Showracemenu and go to Presets, press F9 and that will give you the presets to choose from.

Tips to get Screenshot look:

- If using MO a good trick is to enable Enhanced Character Edit  on the left panel and disable its esp files on the right side.
That way you will be keeping the meshes to get the desired look
- For the Hair i mostly use HDT Hairstyles from mods like the Nier Automata Pack found here:  ESkyrim Mods Under the Nier category.
- The hairstyle used in some of the screenshots is in this pack (not part of the presets since this would increase requirements. feel free
to change the hairstyle to one of these):  Yundao_HDT Hair
- If you equip an HDT hairstyle and it doesnt work properly at first try reopening the showracemenu and save changed. HDT Physics are usually buggy and might end up getting stuck once in a while.
- To get a constant good face shading i am using Face light mods. (one that contains a ring in my case)
You might want to look for one that suits your needs!

Photos taken using: 
Caffeine ENB

Credit for those mods goes (obviously) to the respective makers of mentioned mods)
This preset was made possible thanks to all of the above!