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AH Hotkeys is a hotkey manager mod. The objective of this mod is to allow anything that can be equipped to be hotkeyed, including sets of equipment, and to enable autocasting of spells and shouts. Equip Sets can contain weapons, armour, clothing, spells, shouts, powers, scrolls, potions, food, ingredients and other Equip Sets.

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AH Hotkeys – Skyrim Hotkey Manager

AH Hotkeys is a hotkey manager mod that I decided one day to develop because the existing hotkey mods weren’t working the way I wanted them to work. The objective of this mod is to allow anything that can be equipped to be hotkeyed, including equipment sets, and to enable autocasting of spells and shouts, all using a simple and easy-to-use interface.

  • 26 July 2015: AH Hotkeys updated to version 1.8. See change log for details. Mostly bug fixes and minor changes.
  • 12 April 2015: AH Hotkeys updated to version 1.7. See change log for details. Note that the version of JContainers bundled in the full package has been updated to 3.2.3.
  • 31 December 2014: AH Hotkeys updated to version 1.5 (mostly bug fixes, but also added new equip mode to drop items). See change log for details.
  • 15 December 2014: AH Hotkeys version 1.4.1 was uploaded. The previously-uploaded version 1.4 was actually the old version 1.3 (my mistake). I've also uploaded a new controlmap.txt file (version 1.1). This version should allow auto-casting of spells if the left and right mouse buttons are switched.
  • 11 December 2014: AH Hotkeys updated to version 1.4. See the Change Log for details of changes in this update.


1. Assign hotkeys to equipment sets (“Equip Sets”). Equip Sets can contain weapons, armour, clothing, spells, shouts, powers, scrolls, potions, food, ingredients and anything else that can be equipped (torches etc), including other Equip Sets.

  • Weapon Equip Sets that equip different weapon or spell combinations;
  • Armour Equip Sets that equip different armour and/or clothing load outs;

2. Hotkeys can consist of keyboard keys (including numpad keys), mouse buttons and including any combination of alt, control and shift modifier keys. There is practically no limit to the number of hotkeys that can be assigned and Equip Sets created.

  • Assign “1” to the flames spell, “2” to a combo lightning and flames spell, "5" to a healing spell etc; Alt-1 to a heavy armour set, Alt-2 to a town clothing set; Shift-1 to a one-handed weapon set, Shift-2 to a two-handed or ranged weapon set; Alt-Shift-Control-E to a combination of different items, potions, shouts, spells and other Equip Sets to equip and cast all at once etc.

3. Weapons can be dual wielded when placed into both left and right hand slots in the Equip Set.

  • Wield a dagger in the left hand and war axe in the right, or shield on the left and war axe on the right.

4. Equip and/or autocast spells, scrolls, shouts and powers. Spells can be dual casted when placed into both left and right hand slots in the Equip Set, or combined with another spell in the other hand. Option to re-equip the previously-equipped items on completion of the autocast. Concentration type spells (flames, healing, wards etc) can be cast for as long as the hotkey is held down (or until magicka depletes or the spell is interrupted).

  • Equip Sets to auto single or dual-cast oakflesh, flames, then sparks, and then re-equip whatever was equipped prior to the first auto-cast in the chain. All without entering the inventory menu.
  • Autocast a ward spell to a 3rd or 4th mouse button to cast the ward when needed, auto-switching back to the shield/weapon in that hand when done.

5. Drink potions or eat food or ingredients in an Equip Set. Option to either consume all at once (for a certain combination of effects) or consume only the first available. Consuming only the first available will allow the player to build a list of potions (and food) (optionally sorting from greatest to lowest magic effect or vice versa) and consume them one at a time (e.g. during combat) until there are none remaining.

  • If there are three Equip Sets for health potions & health food, magicka potions and stamina potions (or any other type of potions or food), all ordered from highest to lowest effect, these potions can be consumed in order with each hotkey press. Or assign a hotkey to execute all three Equip Sets at once (in which case, the first available potion with the highest (or lowest, as desired) effect will be consumed from each Equip Set).
  • If an Equip Set contains (in order): Restore Health Potion IV, down to Restore Health Potion I, a hotkey press will consume one Restore Health Potion IV. Subsequent presses will continue to consume Restore Health Potion IV until there are none left. Then the Health Potion III will be consumed, and so on, until the last potion in the list (Restore Health Potion I) is used up. If you pick up more health potions, then the Equip Set will start using them again depending on the sort order.

6. Options to equip all items in an Equip Set, toggle all items in an Equip Set with previously equipped items, or step through an Equip Set
equipping one item at a time.

  • Equip all items: Equip a set of armour, amulets, boots etc.
  • Toggle items: equip a lantern on an off (if the Wearable Lanterns mod is installed). If the same hotkey is used as Wearable Lantern’s light on/off hotkey (e.g. “L”), this can be used to both equip the lantern and turn on the light with a single key press. Presing the hotkey again will turn off the light and unequip the lantern (or if something was previously equipped in that armour slot, then “toggle” will re-equip that object instead).
  • Equip one-at-a-time: a cycling set of weapons or armour sets can be set up, such as cycling through a range of bows and crossbows assigned to Equip Sets, or a range of different amulets etc.

7. Organise Equip Sets into Groups to keep track of them more easily.
The following groups are set up on installation: Armour Sets, Weapon Sets, Spell Sets, Potion Sets, Equip Sets. Any number of other groups can be added.

8. Filter items to allow for easier searching for inclusion into Equip Sets. Items can be filtered by type (weapons, armour etc), magic effect and name. Also filter items by favourited status.

9. Save the Equip Set database (a “Hotkey Set”) to a file in either the Skyrim Data folder or User folder. The database can be read back in to any other save file. Multiple Hotkey Set files can be saved (the user will be asked for the file name). The mod user configuration settings can also be backed up to a file and restored later or imported into any other save game.

10. Other functions:
  • Notification messages when equipping Equip Sets or items.
  • Unequip left hand, right hand, and/or all other items (to only unequip, just don't add other items to the EquipSet).
  • Equip Set File Menu options to create new Equip Sets, Revert changes, duplicate, delete or rename Equip Sets.
  • Equip Set Options Menu to add all currently equipped items to an Equip Set or remove all items.

11. All the above features are accessible through the SkyUI configuration menus.


1. On installation or rebuild of the inventory lists, shouts are not automatically placed into the mod’s inventory database since there is currently no way for a script to get the list of learnt shouts. You will need to first go into your inventory and click on the shout to equip it. The shout should then show up in the shouts inventory list.

2. If weapons, armour or spells aren’t showing up in the inventory menu list, check whether the option to show only favourited items is selected in the “Configuration” page and check whether that item is favourited or not.

3. User enchanted items are displayed using the name of the base object in the inventory lists, even if a new name was given when the item was enchanted. This is because there is no way currently for a script to distinguish between enchanted and unenchanted items in the player’s inventory. In this case, try not to carry around unenchanted versions of the same item as the mod may not equip the enchanted one every time (or place these items in a separate container). Note that this also appears to apply to some pre-enchanted items such as the Axe of Whiterun, which may display as another name (e.g. Orcish Axe of Flames).

4. Items in the inventory lists with an asterix in the name (*) have been favourited.

5. A name or magic effect name filter can be reversed by prefixing the search string with an exclamation mark "!".
Example: to list all health potions that don't have the string "fortif" in its name (i.e. you want all health potions that restore health but aren't fortification potions), you would set the filter to: 1. Potion item type; 2. Health magic effect; and 3. a name search string of "!fortif". This is helpful if you want to add all the restore potions to your health potion set but don't want to include the fortification potions (you may want a different potion set for that).

6. AH Hotkeys will allow you to place shields on the right-hand slot of the Equip Set, but Skyrim will still equip them on the left-hand, which will conflict with whatever other item you try to put in the left hand. AH Hotkeys allows this flexibility in case another mod figures out how to change shields to allow them to be equipped on the right (however unlikely that may be). For now, just put shields on the left hand.

7. All the various options and settings display help text when hovering over them.

8. This mod works for me. I have just under the maximum number of esps (256) in my load order with everything ranging from tweaks, fixes, graphics, sound, combat, miscellaneous and overhaul mods, and AH Hotkeys works fine for me. I’ve tested using all the scenarios in-game I could think of to ensure the mod works smoothly without error. However, I may have missed some things. If there are issues, please report back here.

1. How to set up a chain of equipsets that cycle with each key press
1) Set up separate equipsets for each step that requires multiple actions or contains multiple items and/or if you need things to happen
in a certain order that isn't possible within just one equipset - e.g. multiple sets of hand items, spells, armour sets or even potion sets where only one potion should be used at a time).

If, for example, you want to set up a chain that (a) casts Oakflesh with the first key press, (b) equips your bow with the second key press, and then (c) equips your sword and shield with the third key press:
1. Set up 'child' equpsets:
A) set up spell equipset with Oakflesh (in left or right hands or both). This could be set to autocast or not.
B) set up bow equipset (you may also want to equip the particular ammo you want to use as well).
C) set up sword and shield equipset to equip in the right and left hands respectively.

2) Set up the 'master' equipset and give it the hotkey you want to use. Set the equipmode option to "cycle one at a time".

3) Add the 3 equipsets you created above to the items list, in the order that you want. To do this, you need to set the item type filter to
"Equipsets". You will then be able to add your other equipsets (the ones you created above) like you can any other inventory item.

4) This will then cycle through the equipsets (A) to (C) one at a time with each tap of the hotkey.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), Mod Organiser (MO) or drop the contents of the zip file into the Data folder.  I’ve used Mod Organiser for this mod with no issues.

Note: if the mod is being installed on an already-existing game with a large player inventory, there may be a delay (of up to 20-30 seconds) as the mod builds the list database for its inventory functions. As of version 1.3, the inventory list is required to be built in the MCM menu's "Configuration" page.


A “Deactivate” and “Uninstall” function can be found in the “Configuration” menu. ‘Deactivate’ will deactivate the script so it will no longer process key presses and inventory events.

To uninstall the mod, use the ‘Uninstall’ option. This will deactivate the mod and delete all data, including all JContainers data structures associated with the mod. Make sure that you save your Hotkey Set database to file (see the “Configuration” menu) if you do want to import into another save game later on.

AH Hotkeys is primarily a script-based mod, with the following entry-points:

1. OnInit(), which runs once on first install, and OnPlayerLoadGame(), which runs once on every load game.
2. OnKeyDown() event: to catch key presses.
3. OnItemAdded(), OnItemRemoved(), OnObjectEquipped(): to manage certain inventory-based functions, such as keeping the mod’s inventory item cache up to date.
4. SkyUI MCM configuration menu entry points: for the MCM menus to work.

There are no OnUpdate() events that could hang around to cause issues if the mod is deleted from the Skyrim Data folder. Note that, as with any scripted mod, the papryus log may print out some minor errors informing of objects in the save that are no longer present in-game.

Control Maps for Spell Auto-Casting

Included for download is a slightly modified version of the vanilla controlmap.txt file. The modifications allows AH Hotkeys to simulate mouse button presses for the Left Attack/Block and Right Attack/Block actions. This is required in order for auto spell casting to work. You won’t need this file if you already have a custom controlmap.txt file that does the same thing. If auto spell casting does not work, then download this file.

Prerequisites and Compatibility

AH Hotkeys requires the following mods to be installed:

1. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), version 1.7.1:
2. SkyUI (specifically, the MCM configuration menus):

AH Hotkeys also requires, and bundles, the following 3rd party mod resources:

1. JContainers: version 3.1 is required, and is included with AH Hotkeys. If JContainers is required to be downloaded separately, it can be found here: JContainers is required due to AH Hotkey’s data-intensive feature set that will not be possible with just the vanilla papyrus scripting engine. All JContainers data is stored in the SKSE co-save file that is saved along-side the normal save file.
2. SkyUI Lib: version 1.0 is required, and is also included. If SkyUI Lib is required to be downloaded separately, it can be found here: Required for the text input dialog box.

It should be ok to overwrite JContainers and SkyUI Lib with later (minor) versions. Later minor versions of JContainers and SkyUI Lib should be backwards compatible with mods developed using earlier minor versions. Later major versions of JContainers and SkyUI Lib should have different file names, so should not conflict with AH Hotkeys.

AH Hotkeys is not compatible with any version of JContainers earlier than 3.1, nor any version of SKSE prior to 1.7.1. I will also make AH Hotkeys available for download without JContainers and SkyUI Lib bundled, for those who want to manage these separately.

AH Hotkeys can work alongside the vanilla hotkeys as well as other mods that provide various hotkey functions, though bear in mind that they will all try to process the same key press and compete for priority. Usually, this shouldn't cause an issue (the actions from both mods will occur), but there may be strange behaviour if both mods are trying to do things to the same items.


Prior to developing this mod, I used other hotkey mods available on the Nexus, so naturally I would have drawn inspiration from these mods in creating this one. Inspiration from:

Also, credits go to the authors of JContainers, SkyUI Lib, SKSE and SkyUI for their help, provided at various points in time and to others on the Bethsoft forums, for getting me this far.