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This mod adds the Animated Armoury animations to the spears, rapiers, and quarterstaves weapons found in Vicn's VIGILANT and UNSLAAD mods.

Permissions and credits
I absolutely LOVE Vicn's mod trilogy (Vigilant, Unslaad, Glenmoril) and I was surprised that I couldn't find a compatibility patch with NickaNak's Animated Armoury mod for Syrim LE, especially when there was already one for Skyrim SE since January 2019.
After I learned how to use TES5Edit, I decided to do it myself.

This mod adds to all the spears, rapiers and quarterstaves in VIGILANT, UNSLAAD and GLENMORIL with appropriate animations from Animated Armoury. Their damage, speed, reach, and also weapon type have also been tweaked to fit their counterparts in Animated Armoury.

Update 1.3.2 : Added 4 new weapons for Glenmoril.

Update 1.3 : Added a patch for Glenmoril weapons. Unfortunately, while I really wanted to add the fists and guillotines to the claws category, I couldn't manage to make it work. I think this has to do with the mesh of the weapons itself.

Update 1.2 : Fixed the "Alcaire Lance" (1hand version) not having the rapier animations. However, the weapon is still in the "Maces" category. This is a problem with the mesh of the weapon itself using maces animations.

Update 1.1 : Added a patch for Unslaad weapons

-VIGILANT by Vicn and ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS (only if you choose the Vigilant patch)
-UNSLAAD by Vicn and ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS (only if you choose the Unslaad patch
-GLENMORIL by Vicn and ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS (only if you choose the Glenmoril patch)
-Animated Armoury by NickaNak and ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS

Simply drag&drop the .esp file into your Skyrim\Data folder and then activate it.
Depending on which mods you have, you can choose either the patch for VIGILANT only, UNSLAAD only, or both at the same time.

Spears (Spears that originally fell into the "Battleaxe" category are now in the "Greatsword" category)


-Rusty Greatspike
-Molag Bal Greatspike
-Warden's Lance
-Knight of Kynareth Spear (Normal & Silver)
-Paladin Spear (Normal & Rusty)
-Belharza's Dragonmaster Knight Spear (Two Handed ver.)
-Belharza's Dragonblood Knight Spear (Two Handed ver.)
-Belharza's Dragonrider Knight Spear (Two Handed ver.)
-Dawn Spear
-Dawn Cross Spear


-Akaviri Naginata
-Alcaire Greatlance

-Brunnr Church Greatpick
-Gulakhan Spear
-Heresy Hunter's Mancatcher
-Pitchfork (Two Handed ver.)
-Spear of Hircine
-Hunter Rifle Spear





-Akaviri Naginata



-Rusty Spike
-Molag Bal Spike
-Ebony Rapier
-Rapier of the Whisperer
-Rapier of the Black Worm
-Belharza's Dragonmaster Knight Spear (One Handed ver.)
-Belharza's Dragonblood Knight Spear (One Handed ver.)
-Belharza's Dragonrider Knight Spear (One Handed ver.)

-Alcaire Lance

-Bayonet (Rusty)
-Brunnr Church Pick
-Heresy Hunter's Long Pricker
-Pitchfork (One Handed ver.)
-Reiterspallasch (Both colors)



-Staff of Pelan the Priest of Eight Divines
-Staff of Pope Megus

-Staff of Darkstalker

-Staff of Marcotting


Because Glenmoril is still unfinished, we can only assume that even more weapons will be added, so I will regularly update the Glenmoril patch.
Also, if people want it, I will also do a version that only adds the animations to the weapons and doesn't change anything to the original stats.


Bethesda for making Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series in the first place.

Vicn for his AMAZING Soulsborne-inspired quest mods.

NickaNak for his cool Animated Armoury mod.

ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team for the TES5Edit modding tool that made things so much easier.

Mator for his additional TES5Edit scripts that made things EVEN MORE easier.