Weather Girl - Part 1

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This one is in response to the request from theoldfathan for submissions to his competition.
He started us off with Weather Girl of the Week .
The winner of the competition for the 1st week was announced HERE.
Want to see more entries? The very patient Pottoply is listing them all HERE.

For Script to translate, see the first comment below.

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  1. Corfus
    • supporter
    • 17,795 posts
    • 256 kudos
    Rofl awesome
  2. Reimar67
    • premium
    • 7,016 posts
    • 164 kudos
    Think I started too late in the week to get any chance of winning. LOL.
    Having said that, here is my original Weather Girl, who was uploaded Oct 2012 and still only has 33 endorsements. So even with over a year head start, she would still not have won.
  3. jefthereaper
    • supporter
    • 6,478 posts
    • 33 kudos
    lol wonder how they do that in Skyrim?
    every day of the week the entire town gathers in Farengard's room to hear the weather predictions? (no radio or tv XD)
    1. AaronOfMpls
      • supporter
      • 2,602 posts
      • 43 kudos
      Scroll down to lordburnch's comments on this entry for one idea on that.
    2. Reimar67
      • premium
      • 7,016 posts
      • 164 kudos
      Some great suggestions on that thread Aaron.
      Love AOK's collection of entries too.
    3. AaronOfMpls
      • supporter
      • 2,602 posts
      • 43 kudos
      Thanks, Reimar. Pottoply has been maintining the code for those links in this post. I've been grabbing and re-pasting it into my own entry as he adds more.
    4. Reimar67
      • premium
      • 7,016 posts
      • 164 kudos
      Thanks for that - I'll link into it above. Must me a full time job for Pottiply as there are so many entries.
  4. Nataly1q2w3e4r5t
    • premium
    • 21,732 posts
    • 175 kudos
    Ha-ha, it was pure awesomeness, Elf is totally in her style!
  5. clethcleth
    • member
    • 4,219 posts
    • 125 kudos
    Lol, simply the best one ...
  6. wolfgrimdark
    • premium
    • 47,514 posts
    • 613 kudos
    So glad the idiot elf got a chance to do the weather ... guess she could not quite figure it out
  7. jessb81
    • supporter
    • 14,678 posts
    • 122 kudos
    Tee hee!!
  8. SydneyB
    • premium
    • 31,989 posts
    • 829 kudos
    Hahaha, Reimar XD
  9. friffy
    • premium
    • 5,182 posts
    • 261 kudos
  10. Heaventhere
    • premium
    • 21,947 posts
    • 217 kudos
    Hehe, think she needs glasses.. or a brain transplant , great shot