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A (third party) fork of Mod Organizer 2 bringing a series of improvements and preventing common annoyances.

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT: Support is provided on the ModdingLinked Discord server, please do NOT ask for support with this fork in the Mod Organizer 2 server.

Visual C++ Redistributable runtimes (Required by the archive version. These are already installed and updated by our MO2 installer.)
Windows 10 x64 or Windows 11 (Requirement enforced by Qt6.)

  • Support for Fallout 4 NG archives header version 7 and 8 (from a PR to the original MO2).
  • The overwrite warning is disabled by default as it's safe in most cases and a big red warning for it can bring confusion.
  • Added "Keywords", "BaseObjectSwapper", and "RaceMenuPresets" as valid folders in FNV and TTW instances.
  • Removed BOSS and FOMM from the auto-detected executables in FNV and TTW instances in order to avoid disasters due to their age and issues.
  • Corrected the default executable name of the GECK in FNV and TTW instances, which was previously Construction Kit.
  • Custom ModdingLinked splash screen by Nehred.
  • Redirected support links to the ModdingLinked Discord server.
  • Fixed version string in the installer and implemented automatic installation and updates for all Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes (to prevent crashes).
  • Skips .git directories and .mohidden files to speed up USVFS loading. This can also make UI refreshes quicker.
  • Fixed the conflict resolution UI always showing TaleOfTwoWastelands - Main.bsa as a conflict winner.
  • During installation, the mod name now defaults to its file name. This prevents most cases where the user has to manually select the corresponding name to avoid the choice prompt that an identical name to other mods would result in. This feature can be toggled in the settings.
  • Removed the LOOT sort button to avoid accidents that would mess up a load order without backups. LOOT is not used nor generally recommended by ModdingLinked, so this reduces the possibility of user error greatly.
  • Removed the Skyrim and Transparent themes because of their intrusive visuals. The Qt default themes were removed too because windowsvista is a duplicate of the default, Windows and Fusion look dated, and there are way better themes left available.
  • Removed the overwrite "Sync to Mods..." button as it could cause freezes in large lists and realistically nobody uses it.
  • Disabled categories by default (as well as the column), as they are largely unreliable and lead to micromanagement (which can become counterproductive in modding especially for beginners).
  • Fixed separators collapsing when MO2 is closing with a filter applied. This means that all filters are refreshed on restart, making the dedicated toggle unused.
  • Hidden the translations link as they are not currently supported.
  • Automatic .override creation in FNV and TTW instances (requires JIP LN to have any effect).
  • Mod Organizer will now prompt the user with an optional FalloutNV_lang.esp deletion. This translation plugin directly edits thousands of records to change the language, which will cause many incompatibilities with most mods.
  • Manager downloads from ModPub are now supported.
  • Added "ParticleLights" as a valid folder in SSE and SkyrimVR instances.
  • Added ESL plugins as valid files in SkyrimVR instances (thanks to Skyrim VR ESL Support).
  • SSE and SkyrimVR instances now support Enderal/EnderalSE downloads by default.
  • FNV DLCs are now forced into the correct positions automatically.
  • Other small improvements from the PRs that got merged after the latest public release of mainline.

Why aren't these changes merged in the original MO2?
Quite a few of these changes do not suit mainline but are fine in this fork, thanks the userbase being more specific (ModdingLinked users that, at least in theory, stick to our instructions). This is in no way a separate project, the plan is to keep rebasing our fork to include the newest MO2 changes while maintaining the aforementioned unique tweaks that we can't do without.

So why aren't the changes suited for mainline already PRd to the original repository?
  • Before talking to AL, we didn't even think the MO2 team would care considered that the project has stagnated multiple times in the past for months if not years at a time.
  • Some of these changes are actually already part of pull requests, them being ignored is another thing that made it seem like PRs wouldn't lead to anything.
  • Now that we talked with AL there's more motivation to PR, but there will inevitably be a delay in MO2 releasing with our changes considered how slow the mainline development cycle is compared to this fork's.

Can I update an existing installation to this?
  • Make sure MO2 is closed,
  • Locate your existing MO2 folder and delete the plugins folder (this prevents issues if your current install is 2.4 or earlier),
  • Download the archive version of this fork then take all of its files and drag them to the MO2 folder,
  • Overwrite when prompted.

Are MO2 plugins compatible?
Most plugins that worked with the original MO2 2.5 will work with this version. Some might need to be updated to remove the now missing fmtlib, such as Bethesda Plugin Manager. Here are some recommendations:
Why is MO2 crashing on start-up?
This is most likely fixed by updating your Visual C++ Redistributable runtimes (automatically installed and updated by the installer in version 1.3 onwards).

Source Code
For a list of all original repositories in the Mod Organizer project, visit this link. ModdingLinked only forked and applied changes to the following:

Building MO2 (For Developers)
The original MOB repository already walks you through the process of building and compiling Mod Organizer 2, but these instructions have some errors and could use some simplification:
  • Install Python (3.9 is recommended by aqt), CMake, and Git.
  • In PowerShell or Command Prompt (as administrator), run the following commands to install pip then Qt 6.5 (aqt is used to avoid the login requirement of Qt, while also being way faster to get running):
    pip install -U pip
    pip install aqtinstall
    aqt install-qt --outputdir "C:\Qt" windows desktop 6.5.0 win64_msvc2019_64 -m qtwebengine qtimageformats qtpositioning qtserialport qtwebchannel qtwebsockets
  • Choose a folder for MO2 development, then clone MOB into it with by running the following command in it (again through PS or CMD):
    git clone https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/mob
  • Once cloned, open its folder and run the bootstrap.bat file inside.
  • In the mob.ini, set the following versions:
    pyqt = 6.5.3.dev2309101249
    python = v3.11.5
    qt = 6.5.0
  • Set qt_install to the path of Qt's msvc2019_64 folder. If you installed Qt directly in the C drive like the aqt command provided above, your install path will be:
    qt_install = C:\Qt\6.5.0\msvc2019_64
  • Still in PS or CMD ran inside the cloned MOB folder, run a complete build with the next command. For illustration purposes, MOB was cloned in C:\MO2 Dev:
    .\mob -d "C:\MO2 Dev" build
  • Download the code in our repositories listed below (better to use some sort of version control such as through GitHub Desktop) then merge it with the matching folder inside the build folder (mainly build/modorganizer_super).
  • All of the code and .sln files will be contained in the new build folder, simply compile the relevant project to apply your changes. Said changes will then go to the actual MO2 copy in the install folder next to the MOB folder.

Visual Studio 22 Setup
  • Desktop development with C++.
  • Desktop .NET desktop development (needed by OMOD and FOMOD installers).
  • .NET Framework 4.8 SDK.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 targeting pack (OMOD targets 4.8 but VS still requires the package for other .NET components)
  • Windows Universal C Runtime.
  • C++ ATL for latest v143 build Tools (x86 & x64).
  • C++ /CLI support for v143 build Tools (latest) (for OMOD and FOMOD installers).
  • Windows 11 SDK (Latest).
  • C++ core features.

  • The setlocal error can be ignored while compiling.
  • Add "installer" to the command in step 6 and install Inno if you wish to build the MO2 installer. Its contents will be based on the existing install folder.


The Mod Organizer 2 team.
Senjay for most of the code behind these changes.
RJ for the help and code optimizations.
Eddoursul for the NXM Handler changes.
Nehred for the icons.