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  1. ThiagoFelipe
    • member
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    "Is there any way to open the backup file? it doesn't have a format in my computer, should it be a .txt or something? or can I open it to check the mods in there?"

    Edit: nevermind, you van just use notepad.
  2. wrsomsky
    • premium
    • 5 posts
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    This lists what mods are installed, but doesn't distinguish between the mods that are enabled and those that are disabled. If one is using multiple profiles, or are trying out different mods, the enabled/disabled status is important!
  3. beebophuckleberry
    • member
    • 473 posts
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    For anyone who needs help...
    1. Open Vortex
    2. Click Extensions
    3. Click 'Find More'. Scroll down till you see Modlist Backup 0.2.0
    4. Click install 'Modlist Backup 0.2.0'
    5. After installation a prompt will appear. Click the notification prompt to restart Vortex.
    6. When Vortex restarts the icon will appear on the mods page. (See screenshot in images)
    7. Select to backup, a window will open. Type whatever filename you want such as 'mod backup'. Hit select. The window will pop up saying this file doesn't exist and it'll ask if you want to create this file. Hit okay. Done.
    8. To restore simply click restore. Select the backup you made and let it run. You have to be a premium member to restore backup.
  4. JohnnyTest91
    • supporter
    • 1,085 posts
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    Where do I find the file?
  5. icannotaim
    • premium
    • 103 posts
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    Hey, works great. You may want to place oldbastard42 's comment on where to place the file and note that there is a new button in the top menu for this to work onto the front page of this mod.

    BTW for other folks, it did list all the mods for all the games I a managing.

    It would be great if more meta data is included into the JSON output ... like links to the websites for the mods. Of course you supply the JS file, but I don't know the Vortex data structure etc. and unlike most experts, I don't write in javascript ...



  6. oldbastard42
    • premium
    • 267 posts
    • 22 kudos
    Erm, what do I do with the files? If I click on, it just loads VisualStudio! Some installation instructions would be helpful.

    Never mind, I figured it out myself - and for anyone else who was too scared to ask, you simply drop the unzipped folder into C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\plugins\, and restart Vortex.'re welcome.
    1. icannotaim
      • premium
      • 103 posts
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  7. 7531Leonidas
    • premium
    • 86 posts
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    How do you use the modlist in vortex to restore mods? Thanks.
  8. sirlach
    • premium
    • 169 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Endorsement number 2. Very much needed and appreciated. Could you consider an export to CSV option for us mod list spreadsheet builders. ?
  9. raybo01
    • premium
    • 783 posts
    • 39 kudos
    Thank you!
    Endorsement #1
    Very excited to see authors/users developing extensions for vortex!