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## Vortex Modlist Backup

#### Installation
* Download the latest zip from the `Releases` tab here
* Open the `Extensions` page in Vortex
* Drag and drop the zip file into the bottom pane of that page
* Restart Vortex

#### What does this do?
This is a **very simple** extension that takes the list of mods that Vortex currently has and writes them to a file.
It then allows you to take that file and Restore your list of mods, making Vortex download them again as if you'd
downloaded them from the Nexus Website.

#### Does this backup Mod Configs, Load Order, Dependencies Etc.
No, this is a simple and rather dumb extension that *just* backs up the list of mods

#### Does it back up the mod files
No, this only stores list of mods. When you Restore the list, Vortex will download every mod on the list

#### Are there any requirements
You need to be a premium member on the Nexus site to Restore the list, since the Vortex client won't let you
download the mods automatically unless you're a premium member, since you need to see the ads.