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  • Glossary:

    What does (ORG) mean?

    It means as in "Original" in this context "Original word(s)".

    It happens that a word (most commonly Deployment) does not mean or reflect what the Author of the software (In this case Vortex -  Tannin) really want to convey to the user if it were to translated to Swedish. The closest I could think of is "Lägg in" "Lägga in" eller "Inläggning", as a replacement. 

    But for peace of mind's sake I included what it Originally says like this (ORG: Deployment).

    This thing is missing a Swedish translation? WHY?

    One of three reasons:

    It cannot be translated and I cannot find the "variable" for it, or the translation extension missed it no matter of much I tinkered and clicked on it.