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  • What does (ORG) mean?

It means as in "Original" in this context "Original word(s)".

It happens that a word (most commonly Deployment) does not mean or reflect what the Author of the software (In this case Vortex -  Tannin) really want to convey to the user if it were to translated to Swedish. The closest I could think of is "Lägg in" "Lägga in" eller "Inläggning", as a replacement. 

But for peace of mind's sake I included what it Originally says like this (ORG: Deployment).

  • This thing is missing a Swedish translation? WHY?

One of three reasons:

  1. It cannot be translated and I cannot find the "variable" for it, or the translation extension missed it no matter of much I tinkered and clicked on it.
  2. It would overflow outside of the button, and thus I have opted to keep it as the original English text.
  3. I simply missed translating it.

You are of course welcome to point it out as I encourage it strongly. I 'm no grammar nazi, but having it grammatically correct is essential to professionalism. Just check so it has not been mentioned before. For now the button with "Lägg in moddar" is translated, but it originally contains the word Deploy Mods. I could not make (ORG) fit in the button so I opted to translate it, and with my notes in mind you know it means Deploy as intended by Tannin.

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