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Cyber-enhanced support for Cyberpunk 2077 mods for easier installation, management and profiles!

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Cyber-enhanced support for Cyberpunk 2077 mods in Vortex!

The new source code can be found at


Latest update notes (0.5.0 "T-Bug"):

Main Jobs:

  • Config XML file support
  • Config JSON file support
  • Protected paths (...which show a prompt so you don't accidentally overwrite them)

Fixer Gigs:
  • Fixed MultiType mod install bug

Cyberware Upgrades:
  • An assortment of internal changes
  • Splitting tests into separate files, too much of them for one!

Full release notes here ↗️

Previous releases:


Main jobs:

  • TweakXL Support
  • ArchiveXL Support
  • Internalized pipeline for installation
  • Giftwrapping for handling a single folder at the top level

Fixer Gigs:
  • various small changes and fixes


  • Generally a bunch more usable
  • Most mod types and file layouts now supported (CET, Redscript, Red4Ext, INI, Reshade, JSON config, Archives...)
  • Anything not directly supported (yet) can be installed (but we'll prompt you for it)
  • Helpful (?) error and info messages
  • Lots of under the hood changes


  • Converted the sources code to typescript and set the extension to not allow symlink deployment (so hardlink and move files are the deployment methods).
  • Also added an installer for mods that have just an archive file, regardless of how the mod is packaged in it's folders, it will be placed into the `archive/pc/mod` folder as is required by the game.


  • Improved support and validation for correctly structured Archive, CET, Redscript, Red4Ext, INI, Reshade, JSON config mods
  • Support for valid combinations of the above
  • Automatic fixing of some most common structure problems (such as Archives not in .\archive\pc\mod\)
  • Fallback installer for things we don't explictly handle
  • Much more informative messaging for errors and especially cases where

  • Detect when a mod add files and attempt to find out what was added and add it to the staging area so that when disabling mods, all of it's files are removed as expected
  • File-based automatic option selection dialogs (e.g. one of 10 different color options)
  • Automatic selection dialogs when detecting problems that can't be automatically fixed
  • Load order management?


To Install:

Primarily through the Vortex Extensions List (This has the added benefit of automatic updates)

  • On The Extensions List, Click "Find More"

  • Find Cyberpunk 2077 Support in the list and click Install

Alternatively, you can download the mod and manually install it

  • Download and save the archive

  • Drag and drop onto the Extensions List (or Browse for your download)

To Uninstall:

Click Remove in the extensions list

Restart Vortex, the game should no longer be supported by Vortex.

Reporting Issues, Feature Requests etc.

If possible, make reports and requests on Github. You can also use Nexus bugs and Nexus posts, or reach us on Discord.

To help us fix and add things, please:

  1. Make sure you've read the usage information here
  2. Make sure you've read any instructions that the mod you're trying to install comes with
  3. Try to reproduce the problem so that you can tell us how to reproduce

Disclaimer: This project is not associated with Nexus Mods, nor with CD Projekt or CD Projekt Red.