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Adds Vortex support for Cyberpunk 2077

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Adds basic support for modding Cyberpunk 2077 with Vortex.

Source maintained on Github:

Update as of 3/29/2021: Patch notes for 1.2 dropped (no actual patch as of when I am typing this). The new "mod" folder will break some mods that rely on the "archive/pc/patch" directory (what I originally created this extension to support), but otherwise mods are still supported by this extension so long as they are under the directory structure of the game. If the mod doesn't work, it's probably because the game changed. Removing my list of mods which support my vortex extension. I am investigating the issue with the purge/deploy buttons that are within Vortex.

Update as of 2/11/2021:  I completed my 100% of the game last night. Because of that I'll be moving onto other games until something else piques my interest with Cyberpunk 2077. I will still keep an eye on the modding scene and cyberpunk news, but I won't be as active as I have been.

Important Note to Mod Users:
Directory structure in the zip files in mods is getting better, but is still an issue. This extension is meant to only support extracting files to the Cyberpunk game directory. Only mods that have that structure in their zip file will work. Please let mod authors know this if you find a mod you like, but it does not yet support Vortex properly (link to this vortex extension if you like). This only applies to mods which are designed to be put into the install folder of the game (ie save files are not, so don't bother those mod authors with this)

Important Note to Mod Authors:
-Your mod can be supported if you modify the directory structure of your zip file in a way that assumes the mod is extracted in the Cyberpunk game directory.
-Automatic updating of mods will only work if you post new versions of the same files. If you post new files, Vortex (via my extension) will not be able to update automatically.


Cypberpunk 2077 Support - Full Game Directory
Support for placing files in any folder under the Cyberpunk 2077 Root Directory
Requires mod zip files to have the proper folder structure to place the files correctly.
Supports the following Game stores: GoG, Steam, Epic
GoG launches via the GoG Galaxy Launcer to enable Game Store features (achievements, time tracking, friend notifications)


To Install:
Two Methods now exist:

Vortex Extensions List
This has the added benefit of automatic updates
On The Extensions List, Click "Find More"

Find Cyberpunk 2077 Support in the list and click Install

Manual download

Drag and drop onto the Extensions List (or Browse for your download)

Restart Vortex for it to recognize it.

Go To Extensions

And make sure "Cyberpunk 2077 Support" or "Game: Cyberpunk 2077" are enabled

You should then be able to find your install of Cyberpunk through the Games tab and start modding it.


To Uninstall:
Click Remove in the extensions list

Restart Vortex, the game should no longer be supported by Vortex.


Disclaimer: This project is not associated with Nexus Mods, nor with CD Projekt or CD Projekt Red.