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If you've played Dead Man's Switch, you already know what to expect. All I've done is made it possible to import characters, with any gear they may have equipped. DMS strips you of any cash, and anything in your stash, so make sure you have what you want to keep equipped until I figure out how to avoid that.

In addition, I've made this dependent on the Street Samurai Catalog by Tracker, which you can download from:

In case you haven't used mods that have dependencies before, you'll have to unzip Tracker's mod into Steam/SteamApps/common/Shadowrun Returns/Shadowrun_Data/StreamingAssets/ContentPacks (in whatever location you have Steam installed), and then unzip my mod into the same location. Each mod will produce its own subfolder in that location, and will appear in your Shadowrun Returns "Content" menu. This step is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY, because the game can not read resource files unless they have been unzipped into the Content Packs folder.