Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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This very simple mod allows you to give sake to Emma when she's at the Sculptor's temple due to the quest to unlock Owl's version of the Hirata Estate memory.
I was tired of ALWAYS forgetting to give her all the different sakes before starting that quest.

Permissions and credits
Note: if the sculptor has Dragonrot, you need to heal that, first. This is because Emma might be kneeling in that case and the animation of her drinking sake requires her to be standing up.

In case you also use my other mod, Resurrect Minibosses: I've uploaded (here) a miscellaneous file that you have to use instead of the main one, to make the two mods compatible. Install that one AFTER the other mod.


With Mod Engine:
  • Follow Mod Engine's own installation instructions
  • Take the directory included in the mod's zip file and put it in Mod Engine's mods directory (you may have changed it during installation, but by default it's called "mods" and it's in the game's directory, of course)

With UXM:
  • Open UXM
  • Browse to the game's executable (by default it's in   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sekiro   )
  • Click on "Unpack"
  • Let it finish, it can take a while
  • Click on "Patch"
  • Take the directory included in the mod's zip file and put it in the game's directory (the same one of the executable), overwriting files when asked.


With Mod Engine:
  • Delete from Mod Engine's mods directory the file included in the mod's zip.

With UXM:
  • Delete from the game's directory the file included in the mod's zip.
  • Open UXM.
  • Click on "Unpack". Only that file will be unpacked, it won't unpack all the game's assets again.


This mod is compatible with any other that doesn't include the same file it does ("script/talk/m11_00_00_00.talkesdbnd.dcx").


Special thanks to thefifthmatt for making the fundamental ESDTool program that's used to edit scripts.