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The PC version of the game has downgraded textures, cut effects such as blood, and much more, this mod aims to fix all of that, remember this is a Work-In-Progress.

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Scarface: The World is Yours is one of these games which nowadays are unplayable out of the box.
Graphical corruptions present on nearly all modern machines makes the game impossible to play without using unofficial fixes.
Not to mention the downgraded textures from the pc version cut effects such as blood, and much more.
This mod aims to fix all of that, but remember, this is a Work-In-Progress.


Remastered Character Textures:
- Tony Montana
- Alfonso and Edgar Diaz
- Cornelius
- DEA Vice Cops (B/W)
- DJ Mr Vince (Cutscene Only)
- Dock Boss
- Front Managers (Angel Donuts, Babylon, Cabana, Chi Peso, Fidel Records, Macao, Oakley, O'Grady, Pedro's, Penisula, Stein, SunRay, Swansong, Ugin, Whippet)
- Felix
- Gaspar Gomez
- Jerry
- Logan
- Jimmy Boca
- Maribelle
- Nacho
- Pablo
- Ricardo
- Sheffield
- Sosa
- Sosa's Guard
- Sandman
- Venus (Cutscene Only)

Remastered Misc Character Textures:
- Assassin, Driver, Enforcer
- Babylon Club Bouncer
- Boat Captain
- Contract Killer
- Diaz and Nacho Lieutenants
- Disgruntled Man
- Drug Dealers
- All Hench-men's
- Gun Vendor
- Hotel Clerk
- Miami Cops
- Main Bank Teller
- Refugees [Normal and Shao]
- Small Drug Suppliers
- Skull Assassin
- Shark
- Sheffield Babe
- Sosa Guard
- Tony's Tiger

Remastered Locations (Not 100%):
Tony's Mansion
Babylon Club
- Diaz Motors
- Gasgar Gomez Penthouse
- Luxury Bank
- Luxury Hotel
- Oakley Drive-In Theater
- Fidel Records
- O'Grady Liquor Store
- Strip Storage
- Shamp Shack

Remastered Misc Textures:
- Game Font (PC / X360 / PS2)
- Gameover Screen
- Minimap Icons
- Scarface Loading Title
- Scarface Intro/Ending Title
- License Screen
- Loading Images

Remastered Sounds: [Taken and enhanced from the movie Original 2.0 Stereo Mix]
- M16
- MAC-10 Sound
- Beretta (.38) and Silencer Muffler
- Colt 1911 Silencer Sound
- Micro UZI Silencer Sound
- AK-47
- Mission Fail Sound
- Mission Complete Sound

Remastered Cutscenes:
- The Fall [Starting Mission]
- The Fall [Skull Kills Tony]
- The Fall [Henchman Dies]
- Sosa [Intro, Ending]
- Felix [Intro]

  • Game-breaking graphical corruptions have been fixed, making the game playable on modern multi core machines.
  • Allowed the game to use all CPU cores (instead of locking to one core), dramatically improving performance.
  • Removed an unneeded multi threaded flag from the D3D device, possibly improving performance slightly.
  • Introduced a cache for some D3D resources used by the game, dramatically reducing the amount of stutter when roaming around the city.
  • Made the game list all selectable resolutions instead of a cherry picked list.
  • Moved game's settings from the Registry to settings.ini in game directory - this resolves possible issues with saving settings.
Credits: Silent (CookiePLMonster)


  • Killah [Project Leader / Texture Artist / Mapper]
  • sulzbals [Programmer]
  • ded1337 [Sound Artist]

Special Thanks:
  • Meth0d
  • ermaccer
  • El Toto

  1. Use Scarface Archive Explorer and extract all the content from cement.rcf, sound1.rcf, sound2,rcf on your game root folder.
  2. Delete all the .rcf files or make a backup by renaming them and placing them on another folder after extracting.
  3. Now drag and drop the contents from the mod in the game folder and confirm any replacements.
  4. Run the game.
  5. Enjoy !
If you have difficulties installing the mod, write in the #troubleshooting section at our Discord server.

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