Rune Factory 4 Special
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  • Using the Tool - Shop Editor

    NOTE: The Shop Editor is the tool that will most likely break if the game get's updated (which is expected sooner or later). As such, if a Steam Update drops for this game, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

    Reason is the shop data is included inside the .exe file, as it was in the Switch equivalent(exefs) and 3ds equivalent before it. As such, it is mildly dangerous to do. The tool was built to be safe to use for the current version, and I'll try to keep it updated, but you have been warned.

    Also, "Verify Integrity" will most certainly erase the changes you made to the shops, so be warned about that too!


    This is the Shop Editor. There are 62 shops in the game, with the first being the Empty Shop (which shouldn't be edited), followed by Bado's Shops, ...

  • Using the tool - Recipe Editor

    To enter the Recipe Editor, you need to press the "Recipe Editor" entry in the "Items" menu. There, you will need to select a item translation file with the item names (rf3TxtItem_split2_1.eng is included with the download), and a recipe file (name starting with rf3Recipe and ending with .bin) corresponding to the recipes you want to edit.

    The Panel is above. The first box, on top, is the Recipe Selector, allowing you to select an existing recipe. Its contents are the order the recipe is on the file (which is the position it will show on the crafting screen with default sort), the name of the resulting item and the level that recipe is targeting.

    The box below is the Result of the recipe. You select the result of the recipe here. It will always be a single item. Be...