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Choose your own Frey to play as. Because we don't all want to play with green hair and green eyes.

Permissions and credits
This mod includes portrait and sprite updates that allow you to choose the hair color you want. This updates all the default outfits and alternate colors. (The monster and soldier outfits are untouched though.) If you see anything weird, please let me know. There were a lot of files and the more files, the greater the chance is that I will screw something up.

- Download the hair color that you want
- Navigate to Rune Factory 4 Special's Bundle folder (commonly found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rune Factory 4 Special\Bundle)
- Copy the contents of the eye color of your choice from the downloaded folder into the Bundle folder
- Launch the game and the mods should just work.


- This mod should be compatible with all mods that do not edit Frey's portrait or 3D sprites.
- If you were using a mod that swapped the character gender, then all used files will need to be renamed to indicate the other character gender.

Versioning for files
- 1.0.x: Initial release of hair color with green eyes
- 1.1.x: Added blue eyes
- 1.2.x Added brown eyes

Upcoming Plans
- Add brown eyes for all existing hair colors
- Add purple eyes for all existing hair colors
- Add grey/silver eyes for all existing hair colors

- Possible miscellaneous additions as inspiration strikes

Other related mod plans
for very distant future
(aka, anyone want to make these mods? I won't complain)
- Create mod for children (Noel & Luna) to look like spouse
- Create Choose your own Lest Mod

Thanks & modding for yourself

- Thanks to RoachesAreGross and their Alternate Frey Outfit for sharing how to access the portrait files
- Thanks to Knedel and their Edited Frey Model for sharing how to access the model files