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Does at least 16 things:
1. Craft VPC Replicas’s
2. New psychic ability named Knockout
3. Modifies an existing psychic ability: “Skip”
4. Cleaning Tile’s and Beautiful Cleaning Tiles
5. Wrist & Ankle Chains for slaves
6. New bridge: Master Bridge
7. New player faction
8. New Scenario
9. Diffe

Permissions and credits
[For Game Version 1.4 Biotech]
(Still works in 1.3, but even that version has been updated… or well, it’s actually this latest 1.4 version with backwards compatibility.)

NOTE: This mod will (probably) no longer be updated.
-Most likely requires the Harmony Mod, to use this mod. I've never attempted to use this mod without Harmony.-

Old description:

1. Adds the ability to craft Vanometric Power Cell Replica's. The total resource cost is equal to building half of a ship's engine. The market cost is half of its original model, and it output's half the power. Requires the research "Fabrication" to build yourself.

"Please don't blow up. Please don't blow up... YES! It works!!!" - Anon

2. Adds a new psychic ability I've named Knockout. It's a level 6 ability, and it does exaclty what it says. 'Knocks-out' a target. It does this by using the "Brain Shock" mechanic already built into the game. It does not work on its user, or an already incapacitated subject. I've modified it to last 8 in-game hours, and it works through walls.

‘Zap!' ...'Ding ding ding!' "We have a Knockout!" - Anon

3. Modifies an existing psychic ability called "Skip". I changed two things. It's no longer as limited by 'line of sight'; meaning, you can now teleport things through walls, so long as you can see your target first. I also removed its negative good will impact. So, you can now use this ability on something else, without a social point reduction. 

“Pft... I can teleport stuff through walls. Also, what doesn't damage them, shouldn't damage me. No more upset." - Anon

4. Adds two new floor tiles: a Cleaning Tile, and a Beautiful Cleaning Tile. The Cleaning Tile is a complete upgrade to the Sterile Tile, and follows it's research path. It's double the Sterile Tile's resource/research amount to produce, and has a cleanliness quality of 100%. Literally, you will Never need to clean it. The Beautiful Cleaning Tile is the same, but exceptionally beautiful, and is quite expensive to build. 

”With a little elbow grease, and some silver-steel, you too can have floors clean enough to eat off of! Or... Add in a bit more silver-steel, then mix-in some gold, and that same floor will dazzle the eyes." - Anon

5. Adds Wrist Chains and Ankle Chains for slaves. These manacles cover the hands and feet, respectively. Each of them increase's a slave's suppression value by 35%. So, both together provide a total suppression of %70. The best part? They can be worn with any other 'base game' items without conflict.

”My slaves were hot, then they were cold! A stiff breeze could blow them over... I didn't want them to suffer too much, but couldn't have them rebelling either. This was my solution." - Anon

6. Adds a new bridge called a Master Bridge. It will support any weight built upon it, and doesn't cost too much more to build than a standard bridge. It's still fairly fragile though, and if broken, everything built upon it will still collapse.

”I just wanted to put a stone wall up... There I was, creating a masterpiece, when I realized this one spot was over water. How frustrating! I needed to complete my work, and I was unable. So, I brought in a master bridge builder, and they showed me Their masterpiece. It was perfect. Now, I could finish too." - Anon

7. Adds a new player faction called New People. It's not a New Tribe or New Arrivals beginning. Unlike the original player factions, it starts you off without Anything researched, but, doesn't give a technological debuff like a tribe would. I tried to set it up as a 'Group of People', and make it a mix of tribe and colony. Basically, it should sit somewhere between the two original player factions, as a mixed Group of random people. Note: Some of its definitions may swing more towards an 'Outlander', due to my lacking skill.

”What? Who are we? Where are we from? We are a New People, from all over. Basically, I'm part of a random group of people who got together, and created something New. We are just starting out, but that doesn't mean we don't have potential." - Anon 

8. Adds a new scenario called Raided. It uses the New People player faction, and leaves you stranded, naked and alone. Like the scenario Naked Brutality, but without starting tech, and a single campfire.

”Bashed over the head, I found myself drifting in and out for a little while. When I awoke for good, I was in a unknown place, naked, and alone. I don't know how I got here, but I'm going to survive!" - Anon

9. Changed the room space size definitions to better match my preferred room sizes. From an awful space rating to wondrously impressive, the required floor space has been lowered to a more manageable amount. E.g.: 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 15x15. Only the 9x9 area increased in space required, compared to the default value.

”I saw that people enjoyed having a more manageable room size, which would cut down on the required space pawns would need. This was my solution." - Anon

10. Added the ability to grow Timbershrooms if you research Tree Sowing. This underground tree mushroom hasn't changed from its vanilla version. This just allows you to grow it for yourself.

”I saw this strange tree growing underground? It was a tree-like mushroom. I just wanted to be able to grow it for myself. So I made it possible." - Anon

11. Adds the ability to grow Bright Super Grass and Dark Super Grass. They grow in the light and dark, respectively. They reach full maturity in one in-game hour, and are incredibly difficult to destroy besides cutting them. They don't do anything aside from be animal food, and cannot be harvested. Both have a beauty value of 4, and should provide animals with all of their required nutrition. Requires a 'plants' skill level of 12 to sow.

“Why can't I grow grass? It's one of the easiest plants to grow... aside from parasitical weeds." 'Hahaha...'  "Eh, this is Super Grass? Right, that just means it becomes a nearly unlimited supply of a plant based animal food. It's also a lot harder to grow because of it, but in exchange, requires little to no upkeep."  - Anon

12. Created versions of the following plants, that will only grow in the dark: Devilshroom, Healroot, Cotton Plant, Tinctoria, Hay Grass, Psychoid, Hops and Smokeleaf. Not yet included is: fibercorn, flowers, rice, potatoes, corn and strawberries. The 'dark only' versions all take a little longer to grow, and provide a little less product, but will grow in the dark. Their appearance is mostly the same as the originals, but have a different color scheme.

"Sooo many mushrooms... Like, it's a little trippy. I just wanted some plants that could grow without sunlight... Too much?" - Anon

**This mod has since been updated, and includes a bunch of new content. Please check the MyBugFixes.txt file for more info. Even if it’s a bit random…**

That's it for now. Hope you like it! If you don't, you are allowed to change, modify, add or remove whatever you want. 

Good luck.