Resident Evil 4 (2023)
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Replaces Ada's voice with the voice she had in Resident Evil 2 Remake (Jolene Andersen)

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Ada Voice Replacer (RE2R)

Replaces Ada's voice with the voice she had in RE2R (voiced by Jolene Andersen).

After the release of Destructo's mod, which replaces Ada's voice
with RE6's Ada (voiced by Courtenay Taylor),
I can finally release the version that I've had in stock for a while.

Even though Courtenay Taylor is a great VA for Ada,
some might think that she doesn't fit in RE4R,
and would prefer RE2R's Ada instead.

So here it is.
You can now choose which version suits you best.


You can find the guide I made for modding RE games audio here:
Guide - Modding RE games audio

And if you want to find where the dialogues are stored in files, that's here:
Dialogues Part 1
Dialogues Part 1.1
Dialogues Part 2
Characters other spoken lines
Enemies - Ganados (Male)
Enemies - Ganados (Female)
Enemies - Ganados (Multiple)

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