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Two mods in one handy download! The first "legalises" insulting and brawling with people, so you won't become wanted for disturbing the peace or unarmed assault. The second limits the response to your criminal activities, so that you no longer face infinite waves of lawmen.

Permissions and credits

This is a pair of mods that I originally made for myself, but I thought others may also enjoy. Each is installed separately so you can use either or both.

Honest Brawls: This makes the act of insulting people, knocking them down, and brawling with them honest and legal. You will no longer be reported for the "crimes" of disturbing the peace or unarmed assault, and you can do both right under the nose of a lawman without fear of any bounty or jail time. (Though you shouldn't do either to the lawman himself, or you will suffer their wrath!)

Finite Response: This makes the law response to your crimes finite, as opposed to infinite. In other words, you will no longer face never-ending waves of lawmen while in the red search radius. If you manage to deal with the initial response, the search will end as if "evaded" and you can continue on your way. There are three different versions to choose from:

  • Default: You will face local lawmen plus a number of reinforcement waves based on your wanted level.
  • One Wave: You will face local lawmen and just a single wave of reinforcements on horseback.
  • No Reinforcements: You will only face local lawmen. They don't even get support from local residents becoming "deputies".

Note that this mod does not prevent further witnesses reporting your crimes, triggering a new response. However, wiping out all the local lawmen will make the reporting of crimes rather more difficult for people...


Both mods require Lenny's Mod Loader (LML) to work. You can find it using the following link:
Lenny's Mod Loader @


These mods will not be compatible with any other mod that changes the same files. Check the mod folders to find out which files these are. Only activate one version of Finite Response at a time.

Important Note

It is not feasible for me to test this mod with the game's many story missions. While I don't expect any particular issues, if a mission has triggers reliant on a specific law response then it might break. If you have problems during a specific mission, simply disable the mod, complete the mission, and then re-enable the mod.

Change Log

- On request, split Finite Response into three different versions.
- Modified the law response to a number of new areas not included in the initial release.
- Extended spawn delays in many wilderness areas to facilitate train robberies.
- Fixed a bug which was preventing crimes from resulting in a wanted level in St Denis.

- Initial Release.


You are free to use these mods in any way you please. There is no need to ask my permission or to credit me if you wish to use or modify the files for use in your own projects. My only request is that you do not ask for any kind of donation for mods that include my work. In my humble opinion mods should be free for all without any expectation of monetary reward for those releasing them. It's a hobby after all, not a job.