Red Dead Redemption 2
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Play the game as Micah Bell.

DISCLAIMER : There is a slight chance that you end up hating Arthur if you play this mod, be careful.

Permissions and credits

Put the file in your RDR2 directory.
The mod may conflict with any mod using metapeds.ymt and shop_items.ymt. Be sure to put Micah's Redemption in the bottom of the load order in ModManager.UI.

Know issues
Some clipping and model glitches are to be expected.

Planned features
  • add Micah's voice for antagonizing and saying good bye (as soon as editing awc sound files is supported)
  • make companion gang members recognize the player as Micah (no clue on how to do that yet)

Recommended mods to play in addition
Young Clean Arthur (only textures and models to avoid conflicts)

Special thanks
LMS, Alexander Blade, OpenIV devs, *Modifiver*SgtJoe, AlZair, Bob Ross, QwardNaffle, and Mortis187.

Take care now cowpokes!
PS : Don't hate Arthur, he is a good fellow