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  1. Shtivi
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    1.0.1 - What's new?

      - Added configuration option to set whether your dog will follow you into interiors.
      - Added configuration option to prevent your dog from intervening melee combat when told to sit down.

    Bug fixes: 
      - Dog shouldn't track birds from now on (preventing it from falling of the sky).
      - Dog won't be able to attack distant animals (the Unleash prompt overriden the game's Toggle Scope prompt).
      - Dog won't attack hogtied enemies unless it was told to so do.

    Upgrade guide (for people who already have a previous version of the mod installed):
      - Copy DogCompanion.asi to the game main folder.
      - Replace only DogMeta.dat and Lang.dat in the DogComapnion folder.
      - You may also replace DogComapnion.ini but you'll lose your custom settings. Therefore it's recommended to save a backup.
  2. StevenNightfall
    • premium
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    Is there possibility you'll add Marko Dragic's Robot as an additional companion? It would feel like the Fallout franchise having man's best friend and machine accompany them on their travels. 
  3. Ultramidget123
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    B   E    S    T    M   O   D  E  V  E  R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MattJ12303
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    I downloaded the newest version and followed the installation guide but I don't get the prompt to bond with any dogs I come across

    SOLUTION: I was an idiot and thought I already had scripthook installed
  5. Kkamshi
    • member
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    the downloaded file is corrupted or damage? can't open it.
  6. dththfhfththth
    • member
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    my downloads are .rar files, not .asi how do I fix
  7. mexicanscientist
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    Hey can you modify your mod to allow 2,3,4,5 or X dogs to follow you?

    I will be so cool if you can have a pack of dogs follow you around like a true rancher!

  8. onionbreath
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    Thank you for this wonderful mod. I love that the dog runs right to downed prey which is so much more immersive than checking the map for an icon. I was actually distraught when my first bonded dog was killed due to the horse stepping on him while turning, but that was a sign of how much it added to the rdr2 gaming experience.

    I do hope that you continue to develop this mod, but wanted to say that you have created a fantastic addition to the game.

    UPDATE: I had to stop using the mod because the dog is simply too fragile and is often killed by one of my horses running it over while I am on the horse unhitching it or walking on the ground. Additionally, it was killed another time while I was in the middle of a cutscene having a conversation with the odious JC outside of Rhodes while all nearby horses were tethered to a hitch.

    To be useful and less prone to problems, the dog needs to be persistent so that it can be reloaded from earlier saves much like a 2nd horse. I assume that Red Dead does not contain a protected or essential status like Bethesda followers. Also, others have suggested feeding it from in the character's inventory. This would free up the player to concentrate less on whether there is a dead rabbit or bird available on whichever horse is nearby.

    I have enjoyed the mod, but end up spending too much time trying to not step on it, avoiding bringing it into town and worrying about whether I had an animal corpses hanging off the horse to feed it. The last dog's death was while running to pick up an animal to feed the dog. The dog was trampled by my horse behind me. Sigh.

    Thank you tho for such a well thought out mod.
  9. syphonfilterarg
    • member
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    hola lo acabo de usar, todo bien pero  pise al perro con el caballo y murio ?no supe como reanimarlo, tiene alguna opción como la caballo del herido?
  10. Evedub
    • member
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    Does the dog also work in co op? Also, Im new to pc and modding so a little confused. Do I place this in the saved folder or the main game folder?
    1. Ruler0fWorlds
      • member
      • 341 posts
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      1. Make sure you have the requirements, so AB's ScripthookRDR2 needs to be downloaded.
      2. You should never run mods in Red Dead Redemption Online, that's a fast way to get banned.
      3. You place everything in the archive into the root game folder should look something like this if you have the steam versionsteamapps\common\Red Dead Redemption 2
      placing it in the save game folder will do nothing for any mods that's not a saved game mod.
  11. Aryell
    • premium
    • 531 posts
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    This is the best mod in RDR2!