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A ragdoll mod that lets you toggle three ragdoll types, normal, drunk, and floppy, you can control the drunk ragdoll (all in cutscenes too) and you can also ragdoll the horse you are riding, there is a config.ini for custom controls.

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Default Controls:
U on keyboard / (Hold A) + Down on DPad for normal ragdoll
I on keyboard / (Hold A) + Right on DPad for stagger/drunk ragdoll
O on keyboard / (Hold A) + Left on DPad for floppy ragdoll
[ or { on keyboard / (Hold A) + Up on Dpad for horse ragdoll
(Use movement keys/controls to move drunk ragdoll)
When ragdolled use the same controll again to go back to normal.
Note: You can change controls with config.ini
Installation: Download Alexander Blade's Scripthook here: if you haven't already
Then place "Simple ragdoll.asi" and "rconfig.ini" in your RDR2 directory (Mine is: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2).