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Restores John Marston's original hair, head, and body models, as well as including fixes to clothes and added npc assets.

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[John Marston Restoration Project v3.3]
by GuiCORLEONEx794

Special thanks to Eki and AfroBandit for helping me out with updates.
This is the John Marston Restoration Project.
The goal of this mod is to improve the experience of playing as John Marston in the Epilogue.
 It restores the beta models such as John Marston's head from the pre release screenshots.
 It also adds in new clothing, that being cut clothing for John's player model, and clothing
  taken straight from his NPC model. The intent is to separate John's character from Arthur's as much as possible.
(Special Thanks to Bob Ross, LMS, and Bolmin for helping with merged catalog)!

The new clothing can be purchased at any fence. A new "Clothing" menu will be present once selecting "Buy".
Once purchasing these items, they will be available for you to equip in your wardrobe at any time.
John's beta union suit (with the grey NPC texture) now replaces John's epilogue union suit.

                                                                     Requires an up to date version of Lenny's Mod Loader (lml)

                                             Make sure all previous versions of the JMRP mod are uninstalled before installing any updates.
                                                                                                 * Installation is very simple.
                                                                Put the JMRP folder in LML folder located in your RDR2 directory.


- The Npc orange vest clips through the satchel strap.
 - The Npc orange vest has a ghost strap that will appear on the back while moving.
 - Neck does not too fit perfectly with the nude upper body, because the final version is too buff for the beta head.
 - John's head model will cause some short hairstyles to have a "balding" effect.
 - The cassimere shirt will be buggy with vests while not using the Gunslinger vest. This is due to you installing the
   opened Gunslinger Vest file. It will hopefully be fixed someday. If you do not wish to have the buggy shirt, please
   remove the opened Gunslinger Vest files from lml/stream.
 I recommend deleting the previous version of my mod before installing this update, this will help you avoid some issues.

 No Dual Wielding 2.1 - No Off Hand Holster 2.2 by PixieV
 Cut Dialogue Restoration and Enhancement by PixieV
1.00 Fitment by d00ge
Beta Animations for John

 Follow my twitter for news on next updates and such.
For issues or bug reports, please post them on the bug tracker.
Launch your mod manager UI, navigate to the location of the JMRP File Locations mod, and click overwrite. Then, click save.
Also make sure you Social Club language is set to English.
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