Red Dead Redemption 2
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Restore Red Dead Redemption 2 original files to play online, make a bkp of your files/mods, restore your backup to enjoy offline gameplay with your mods!

Permissions and credits
- Restore RDR2 Original files to play online with no problem!
- Make BKP of your files to don't loose your mods!
- Restore your backup to enjoy singleplayer with your mods!

- Rockstar Game Launcher or Steam version

- Select your game version.
- Click at folder's icon and select the folder you have installed your game.
- Click at folder's icon and select the folder to save your bkp file.
- Click the button Create BKP Files (do this all the time you install/remove mods/files from game folder).
- Click the button Restore BKP Files to restore your backup.
- Click the button Restore Original Files to delete all non official files/folders.
- Enjoy!

Don't set BKP Folder the same path as Game Folder and don't place this exec inside Game Folder.

Don't asks to make compatible with EpicGames.
I do not accept the policy used by EpicGames for exclusivity in the sale of games, so I do not support EpicGames IN ANYTHING and I recommend all of you to NEVER BUY ANYTHING in the Epic Store.

Virus Scan:

  • Updated to not add game's updates .rpf files to Backup File and to not delete game's updates .rpf files after Restore original files:
  • There was an update that add more files to the game. For this reason, it was giving a compression error because the files are more than 4GB. I fixed it both to not add those updates files to backup and changed to use 64-bits compression/extraction in any case someone have mods that are more than 4GB.
  • Now you MUST run this app as Admin to avoid errors.
  • Now you can see the error message if you got an error.
  • Now the app try set you as owner of the Game's folder to avoid errors.