Red Dead Redemption 2
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A ragdoll mod to be as physically realistic as possible, taken from live leak footage to make a fantastic mod (GTA V version out now!!)

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COME JOIN MY DISCORD! please note that this isn't just for my mod, it's for everything i do!

WOOHOO! Finally got what i wanted, i have finally got NPC's to grab objects! Be Fully limp upon death! Sometimes headshots!
i will eventually make more balancing changes once i tune more on my headshot states! there is now notes on how to customize it if it is too limp for you!
check the PLEASE READ.txt for information!

                                                                                                             INFO ABOUT THE MOD
Changes Balancing to be a little more soft and less reactive, Attentiveness has been increased for falling, Grab wounds are increased more to make it seem like it hurts (Duh)

Ragdolling AI's now have a faster response to they're surroundings, (if falling near a movable object the will try to grab it and catch themselves)

explosions act as they should dynamite will blow them a little farther than before, (planning on adding some gore changes to make this better)

No longer just applies to humanoid AI Animals will also have this ragdoll stuff applied

Please Be Nice This Is My First Proper Mod, But Please Give Feedback I Would Really Appreciate It! 



Make Sure You Have LML Or OpenIV Installed!

Open the .ZIP and Drag it to lml/Downloader 
Open The lml Mod Manager To See If It Is Installed

(OpenIV Manual Installation)

Turn On Edit Mode And Drag And Drop Here
it will replace physicstasks.ymt


Ragdolls will be a bit stiff upon Instant deaths like headshots etc (stumble will still happen, planning on fixing this a bit)

ragdolls will sometimes freak out if killed while lying on the ground ( i am unsure why this happens)