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A ReShade preset which reduces the vignette in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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It’s here! A way to do something about the vignette in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)!

I did found the vignetting in RDR2 really distracting , so I tried to eliminate it. That is sadly not (yet) completely possible.
So I did make a ReShade preset that at least reduces the amount of vignetting.
The first version was just 1 setting, this new version however has an extra night setting to reduce the vignetting even more.

There is however 1 drawback: since this mod brightens the edges of the screen (in fact a negative vignette), surroundings of the sun and moon are getting
somewhat brighter too. I tried to minimize it, getting a balance between the brightness and reducing the vignetting.

It is no “easy” fix though, some steps are required. At first I did put the description here on this page but changed that: you will find all info inside the Reduced Vignetting ZIP file you download here. Make sure you read and follow the steps given in the text files! Even if you know how to use ReShade 😉
For new ReShade users there is also a YouTube link in the text file or here on this page in the Video section.

By default only the normal setting is active. This also reduces the vignetting at night but not much.
If you want the night setting active, press the N-key. This is by choice: the nights have also reduced vignetting by default, but pressing N reduces it even
more. When it becomes day, press the N key again to prevent too much brightness.
The N key is used in the Online mode of RDR2 for "Push to Talk". But since this mod should only be used in Story mode, that should be no problem. If used in Online mode, you risk a ban!
See the included text file if you want to change the N key to whatever key (or key combination) if you want to change that.

Also a text file is included on how to change the default key for the ReShade menu in-game. By default that is the Home key but that is also the same key for
the Social Club thing. Just press it a few times and both the ReShade menu and the Social Club thing are disappearing. That can be changed. 

My mod can be used with other ReShade settings but it can intervene with them. Especially when you use a brighten setting.

The provided screenshots are showing the effect. The night time screenshots are with the Night setting active. To see the full (sometimes subtle) effect, watch it in full screen.

Last but not least: I will try and answer all questions ... but not about ReShade not working and so on. There are for example reports that on certain AMD graphics cards it will not work. That is not the cause of my mod but of ReShade. For more info on how to use ReShade in the game, see the FAQ or Forum on

Thanks and credits to ReShade for allowing me to alter one of their shaders files!

ReShade install tutorial: