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My take on a few realistic coats for mules suitable for ranch work.

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NEXT UPDATE:  Overhaul Pack with stats, description and names.


I love western mules used for trail riding or ranch work, they're amazing, strong and clever beasts often underestimated by people who don't know their qualities. I will create mules using real-life references, so they're going to be as realistic as humanly possible with the means available, which means changing height, model and coat. I can take personal custom requests as well.

What can you find in this mod now?

Riding Mules
Fixed model, new coats.

Draft Mules
New model, new coats.

What do I plan in the future?

New types of mules.

More and more coats.

Packs to overhaul.

Stat, description and naming scripts.

Stick around, endorse and track the mod if you want to see that :)

1- Download and install required mods.

2- Once you have properly installed Lenny's Mod Loader in your main RDR2 directory, where your .exe is (should be something like Program Files/Rockstar Games/Red Dead Redemption 2 in whatever disk you installed the game), create a folder inside "lml" folder and name it "stream", then put my .ymt files inside. 

(You can change the name of the file to substitute any other horse if you prefer it. You can look at how to name each horse here: RDR2 Pedestrian Database. Type and search a_c_horse. You can also edit the size inside the file looking for <scale value="x"/> x being the number, and changing it to make it bigger or smaller.)

Please, DO NOT edit my files to reupload without permission, and DO NOT upload them to other sites. You absolutely CAN tamper with them for personal use, have fun with them.

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