Red Dead Redemption 2
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A mod for viewing cutscenes in first or third person, or if you wish take the camera wherever you want inside a cutscene!

Permissions and credits
This mod focuses on trying to do a load of cutscene magic... hopefully!

F1 - Enables/Disables the cinematic camera, please be aware when enabled that some missions/scripts such as shops may not work correctly (pressing F1 to disable again will fix the issues)
F2 - Forces first person/third person camera (this can be used in a cutscene)
F3 - Adds a toggle removing the black bars across the entire game
F5 - This needs the cinematic camera *disabled* (and preferably in thrid person), when pressed you'll have a camera you can guide around the cutscene! This has additional key inputs, see below:
F9-F12 + 0-9 - Holding F9/10/11/12 and pressing 1 - 0 will apply one of the filters used in photo mode, this can be used in the middle of a cutscene or just for general gameplay.
CTRL + 0 - Reset all filters

Cutscene freecam keybinds
WASD - Moves the camera around
R - Raises the camera level
F - Lowers the camera level
O - Reduces the camera FOV by -10
P - Increases the camera FOV by +10
Numpad7 - Freezes the cutscene
Numpad8 - Resumes
Numpad4 - Sets the next shot up in the cutscene to play at 50%
Numpad5 - Sets the next shot up in the cutscene to play at 25%
Numpad0 - Sets the next shot up in the cutscene to play at normal speed
Arrow keys - Rotates/Angles the camera, allowing you to effectively roam any cutscene as you wish