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Numerous shadertweaks see description
sweetfx tonemap, relief texture enhancing, color balancing

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- description

Ok let's dust of this old jalopy and see what we get.
The current remake simply called 'grid' owes much of it's
credibility to the, with much acclaim, 2008 release of race driver grid.

Back then the choice to use a heavy industrial look might
have seemed desirable, it does however rather obscure much
detail in the game so to resurrect some of this detail this
package contains some tweaks realized with helix
(a precursor to 3dmigoto, works exclusively with dx9) and sweetfx.

Helix tweaks contain:
- reduce auto exposure sky satre le mans
- re-balance contrast light and dark global light also reduce white clipping
- reduce auto exposure sky and keep brightness menu constant
- reduce ambient tint on road and track objects
- remove all effects in cockpit view
- tweak sky light
- reduce most effects top level post process menu and tracks overrides effects.xml

Further a sweetfx tone map re-balances brightness plus removes a slight
yellow tint and a 'poor mans form of tessellation' gives the assets
(cars, environment, etc) a bit of relief and more definition.

The included tracklodsettings.xml bumps up the track detail.

- install

The following folder in this package contain a file that will overwrite
the existing gamefile (best to make a backup of the original file first)

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of
race driver grid, the folder which contains GRID.exe.
With exception of the folder:
'tracks original' (use to restore game file, just in case)

If you do not like using unverified dll's you can download helix from
and place following file in the install dir of race driver grid

This package contains a 'd3d9.dll.hxdb' this is the debug version
which allows shaders to be found in game, usage rename d3d9.dll to
d3d9.dll.o then rename d3d9.dll.hxdb to d3d9.dll and in some cases
set UseEndScene = false to UseEndScene = true in the dx9settings.ini

download sweetfx from
rename d3d9.dll to d3d9sfx2.dll and copy it to the race driver grid
folder, then copy shaderoverride and sweetfx folders from the zip file to
the same dir aka folder plus the files SweetFX_preset.txt and SweetFX_settings.txt.

dx9settings.ini of helix contains the name of the linked proxy dll
(in this case sweetfx d3d9sfx2.dll).

- verify

To test the shaderfixes you will have to start and the restart
the game without the d3d9.dll example rename it to d3d9.dll.o
and restart the game.

To test the sweetfx settings open sweetfx/shaders/main.h with
a text editor and modify the lines:

//#include "Splitscreen.h"
//FinalColor = SplitscreenPass(FinalColor,tex);
#include "Splitscreen.h"
FinalColor = SplitscreenPass(FinalColor,tex);

save the file and run the game you should see an vertical
splitscreen (left side unmodified, right side modified)

- tested

Tested with version of race driver grid on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti
Note: this is a combination of sweetfx and helix (last versions,
both are no longer in development)

- performance

sweetfx / helix usage [email protected]*
without - clock 974Mhz gpu usage ~50%
with      - clock 974Mhz gpu usage ~40%
approximately -10% decrease (1050gtx ti on win 7)**
max gpu: 1772Mhz gpu usage 100%
*) Game is capped to 60.7 with fast sync through nvidia inpsector
**)Odd not completely sure why possibly the shadertweaks with helix

- further tweaking

If you like you can compare the modified shader(s), Dumps contains
the original shader, to alter values. The folder 'shaderoverride'
contains the modified versions.
Note helix works differently then 3dmigoto please search for a
tutorial or start looking here:

Specific shaders can be disabled by simply removing them
from the sub folders contained in 'shaderoverride'.

Tip this game can create a 2gig replay file: