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This mod has been assembled using Sikkmod 1.2 as a base.
It uses particle effects and a system for blood splats on walls, which I scavenged somewhen in 2006 and I wasn't able to find the source. If you know where it's from, please tell me. It's brilliant.

As an option I included parts of the Rivarez mod (with kind permission) to counter the Sikkmod 1.2 bug, where the machinegun doesn't receive the clipsize upgrade when it should. Also optional I included a few graphical enhancements from Rivarez, a counter for SikkMod weapon rebalances and a few other treats.


- blood splats stay for a long time.
- Bodies stay for a long time.
- Decals stay for a long time BUT only the actual mark! Fading effects, like glowing for example, fade away as they should!
- Blood splats are all around the target hit and not only on the floor. I adjusted sizes and number of splats to not be as excessive as in the source material I used.
- I created afterglowing decals for the Dark Matter Gun, rocket launcher and charged blaster tweaking and using textures already in the game. DMG has a dark purple afterglow, RL comes with an impact with a glowing center and the charged blaster leaves a blue glowing impact decal. All fading and leaving a scorch mark behind.

Optional stuff:

To use those, just copy the pk4 file in question into the Impact_and_Injury folder. Done.

- decals stay even longer: Upped time from 240s to 3600s for impacts and splats.
- run/walk swap: swaps the moving speeds for running and walking so you walk per default and run when holding shift. Also changed the movement sounds along with it.
- DOOM3 running/walking: like the run/walk swap, but speed is also updated to DOOM3's values. I didn't touch stroggified values.
- Grunt textures: I never liked the Grunt in Quake 4 much for the comic-like design. This version is slightly darker and the green glow comes with a more swampy tint.
- Rivarez bits: inlcludes shaders, ground textures, main menu changes, meshes and DLL from Rivarez Mod. The DLL fixes the machinegun clipsize upgrade bug from SikkMod 1.2, but unfortunately also changes the scoped firing mode to autofire. I countered that by increasing spread a bit when unscoped and lowered damage to the normal value when scoped. I also increased fire rate of the machine gun a little bit to counter the soundbug that breaks the rythm for automatic weapon sounds.
- Rivarez cosmetics: That's shaders, ground textures and meshes from Rivarez Mod but does NOT include the DLL fixing the machinegun clipsize upgrade. Do not use together with the Rivarez bits.
- Higher fire-rate for sound: for many people Quake 4 and Doom 3 come with a sound bug, that makes the rythm of auto fire unsteady. I increased the fire rate of the machinegun and the hyperblaster just a little bit to counter this problem. This isn't really a fix, since it doesn't adress the cause, but for most people it sounds right at least... If you happen to have a real fix, please contact me!
- Desaturated weapon skins: I adjusted the textures of most weapons a tiny bit to make them look less like plastic. There is no oversharpening happening here. Don't worry.
- No Sikk mod rebalancing: Sikk mod 1.2 adds ammo drops to some enemies (those from tacticals are normal), changed some stats for multiple weapons (spread, fire rate etc.) and also readjusted ammo amounts on some pickups. This pk4 changes all this back. I left the added weapon zoom on most weapons unchanged though, but changed back those with vanilla zoom modes back to the normal values. This Option does not override the higher_fire_rate_for_sound option or the Rivarez_bits.

Copy the Impacts_and_Injury folder into your quake main directory (NOT the q4base folder!)
Open the autoexec.cfg file and change the settings in the video section to your own resolution. You might also want to change multisampling to a lower value if you happen to have a weak computer.

Create a shortcut to Quake4.exe, rightclick it and add the following line to the target line:
+set fs_game Impacts_and_Injury

It should look like this:
"YOUR PATH\id Software\Quake 4\Quake4.exe" +set fs_game Impacts_and_Injury

My advice is to use the Rivarez bits along with his DLL for the mg upgrade fix. His ground textures are a real treat as well, right from the start of the game.


Sikkpin for SikkMod 1.2
Rivarez for the parts of Rivarez mod I use (including the fixed DLL!)

Whoever created the additional effects on the blood decals. If that's you, please tell me! I scavenged the effects somewhen 14 years ago and don't know anymore where from.

Use this stuff for your own mods:
Feel free to use parts of this mod or the whole thing for your own modding, just don't forget to mention me in the credits and keep in mind that many features are inherited from other mods as mentioned in my credits list.