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Built on Sikkmod lite 1.2.
Impact decals stay for a long time while their glow fades correctly. Also adds a glow to impact effects for charged blaster shots, dark matter gun and rocket launcher.
Blood splats stay as well and scatter around the target and not just on the floor. Corpses only vanish after a considerable time. Includes more

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This mod has been assembled using Sikkmod 1.2 as a base, which is also included in the download. It uses particle effects and a system for blood splats on walls, which I scavenged somewhen in 2006 and I wasn't able to find the source. If you know where it's from, please tell me. It's brilliant. All impact decals that come with fading effects (like the railgun glow) have that effect fade as usual but the actual scorch stays for a long time. I also added an afterglow effect for the charged blaster shot, rocket launcher and dark matter gun. Blood splats and impact decals stay for a long time (even longer with an optional pk4) and corpses also disappear later than usual. As an option I included parts of the Rivarez mod (with kind permission), like his DLL to counter a bug in SikkMod 1.2 along with other graphical stuff. I also included a few optional treats which I like to use myself (like swapping run/walk controls.)