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PZPlus is now a new mod without replacements! As such it felt right to move it to a new page while keeping this up as an archive.

Permissions and credits
New Page:  PZPlus (ACSE)

Changes Made

- All animals require far less space than before, I tried to use guidelines from animal husbandry manuals for every species in the game, but still had them require some more space just so there is still some challenge there. This fixes weird things in the game like the Polar Bear's requirements.

- The Biggest Change: Rollercoasters. For the past month or so Leaf has been working on making rides in Planet Zoo more freeform, the rides in Planet Zoo are essentially just modified coasters from Planet Coaster, and Leaf made it so they act as such, but with even less restraints than in Planet Coaster, with loops and nearly uncapped speed, you can turn your boat rides into boat coasters.

- Plants for all. On top of making all animals accepting any amount of vegetation, multiple plants have had their continents and biomes expanded to places they occur in the real world. This means more plants for each animal and more appropriate vegetation for them too! 

- Animal sizes have changed. For some species, such as the American Bison, Bactrian Camel, Indian Elephant, and Malayan Tapir, they have been increased in size as to fit their actual dimensions in real life. It seemed for animals like the camel the "shoulder height" given was actually what they used at the top of the humps, which was inaccurate

- The Camel. The Camel in the game is far more like the wild Bactrian Camel, which is a separate species from the domesticated one, AD and I made changes for both the biomes its in and the temperature it tolerates the same as a real world domesticated Bactrian would. We did not change the model or textures to make it look more like a domestic camel, but there may be something in the works for that soon enough.

- Guests will view your animals from further away and remain content with their view. This has the adverse affect of stressing out shy animals more often, but I have changed it so that shy animals, as well as all animals, take more to be stressed out. They can still be stressed out, but it takes much more to actually have this happen now. The intention of this was to make big open savannah parks or safari parks actually doable in game, now guests can look at your wildlife preserve and hopefully not be upset.

-  This mod uses the same information, with permission, as Doctor Hyena's African Animal remakes, as well as Nathan and AD's Malayan Tapir remaster. Just replace the Main.ovl files in those mods with the ones in here and you're good to go with bigger tapirs, accurate hyena offspring and sizes, and all the changes here.

- Adds "New" Props to the game - Zen Pebbles and Toxic Waste Barrels. These will not work the same as other new scenery mods, which when removed make games crash. When Planet Zoo Plus is removed, you can still load into maps just fine with no crashes whatsoever. These scenery items are scrapped and reimplemented via coding. 

- Bactrian Camels, Red Pandas, and Przewalski's Horse are all now able to be walk in animals. Camels not being walk ins was very weird to me since they're supposed to be the domesticated species, I also added the wild horses as if you don't use new species mods you don't have any good equids for petting zoos! Especially in Franchise. In real life, all Kangaroo walkthrough exhibits are only females, as males can be very territorial and aggressive, this is probably why Frontier didn't make them walk through animals, but they let the Giant Anteater and Okapi be so I am not sure why the Kangaroo crossed the line there.

- Interspecies Enrichment expanded. If you played Planet Zoo since the Beta you may remember several animals had enrichment with other species that don't anymore. Most notably the African Bush Elephant and all the base game Indian animals. I added these back into the game, along with a couple other enrichments.

- Albinos are more common! Increased the chances for every official animal to have their albino appear more often. With about a 15% chance of them appearing in the market.

- Remakes are recommended, a lot of values for things are based on the remakes by Havok, Haruko, and Gabboi. Their remakes are possibly the best available and I would recommend downloading all that are available. 

- African Pack Changes. Rhino is upscaled a bit, around equal with the revamped Indian Rhino size, but still bigger. Carried over all the habitat changes for other animals, meaning animals require far less space. Rhino has desert added as a biome, Fennec Fox has grassland added. 

- North American Animal Pack Changes. Moose only had taiga, now has temperate, aquatic, and tundra as well. Beaver was missing aquatic for some reason. California sea lions had no sexual dimorphism in size, which they are known for so I altered that. A lot of changes I did in PZ+ were added by Frontier in this 1.7 update, which is great! 

- Conservation Pack Changes. Added in Europe as a continent for the Przewalski's wild horse. Added interspecies enrichment for the scimitar horned oryx with the gemsbok, and siamang with the Indian elephant, Malayan tapir, Asian small clawed otter and binturong.

- Statue Unlock! With permission from MJ, I've included the statue unlock hack, all statues, stone, silver, bronze, and gold, for all scenarios and campaigns will be unlocked, without having to do the scenario or campaign. 

- Better NavMesh. Thanks to Trico all animals have their baby navmeshes which makes them able to traverse terrain a LOT better

- One last thing I changed is Zoopedia images. This is optional, but many of the base roster animals had their Zoopedia images changed during development, after the Beta, or even while the game was out. Narwhaler shared an imugr library full of most of these images, so I chose the best looking ones and replaced as many as I could. This is optional but if you wish to replace them I included the folder.

Animal Size Changes in PZ Plus
Dramatic Increase
- Galapagos Tortoise, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, American Bison, Bactrian Camel, Indian Rhinoceros, Jaguar, Female Indian Elephant, Malayan Tapir, Male California Sea Lion

Slight Increase
- Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Grizzly Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Spotted Hyena, Saltwater Crocodile, Gharial, Southern White Rhinoceros, African Buffalo, Plains Zebra, Western Lowland Gorilla, Male African Elephant, American Alligator

Slight Decrease
- Timber Wolf, Male Indian Elephant

List of recommended remakes for this mod (Make sure they are updated to the latest PZ version!)

Bengal Tiger by Havok, Tosca, Gabboi:

Siberian Tiger by Havok and Gabboi:

Lion by Havok, Tosca, Gabboi:

Snow Leopard by Havok, Haruko, Gabboi:

Jaguar by Havok and Gabboi:

Cheetah by Havok:

Bactrian Camel (Winter Coat) by Gabboi:

Malayan Tapir by AD and Nathan:

Spotted Hyena by Doctor Hyena:

Himalayan Brown Bear by Gabboi

Nile Monitor by Narwhaler

Hippopotamus by Narhwaler

White Rhinoceros by Narwhaler

Bongo by Narwhaler

American Plains Bison by Narwhaler

African Bush Elephant by Narwhaler

Saltwater Crocodile by Gabboi, MGR, and buffzoo

Cape Buffalo by Doctor Hyena and Narwhaler

Plains Zebra by Narwhaler

Koala by Gabboi

Wolf by Gabboi and Narwhaler