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This mod is an alternative version of Planet Zoo Plus, featuring realistic predation behavior and better predator/prey interactions, as well as much larger group sizes for herd animals, and adjustments to big cat groups as well.

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This mod is an alternative version of GiornoPizza, Leaf, and Buffzoo's Planet Zoo Plus mod, containing all of its new features including rollercoasters, infinite vegetation, adjusted animal sizes, etc, with a few extras to give a boost to Safari Park-style gameplay...


Larger Group Sizes
This version of the mod features much larger herd sizes for many herbivores that in the wild can be observed in massive herds of a few hundred up to a thousand. You will no longer be limited to simply 15 bison per herd anymore- now, you can have hundreds if you have enough space! Many predators have also had their group sizes increased, including AWDs, Hyenas, Wolves, Lions, and other social animals. Solitary big cats have also had their numbers increased a bit, as they are often kept in small groups in captivity, even if they are solitary in the wild- no more parents immediately fighting their cubs as soon as they grow up.

Adjusted Trophic Levels
A few animals' trophic levels- or, their "level" in regards to predatory/prey behavior, were a bit off. Some predatory animals were way lower levelled than they should be- which lead to tigers insta-killing lions like prey, as an example. This has been slightly tweaked to make a bit more sense.

Realistic Hunting Behavior
By tweaking the fdb values for the threshold of predation, I have managed to get predators to only hunt and kill when very hungry, and hunting is no longer an "important" or "essential" behavior- which means animals are less likely to hunt overall, and more likely to eat available food instead. They WILL still hunt if they get hungry enough- however because the drive is so low, their desire to eat and fill their hunger will be higher and they will be more likely to eat instead- meaning if one lion kills a zebra, the majority of the rest of the pride will go eat the carcass, instead of the entire pride mass killing the herd. This is not 100% perfect- on occasion you will get a rogue animal that decides it would rather hunt than eat an available carcass, however the chance is low enough that I am now confident in the ability to keep lions and zebras together in a "wildlife reserve" sort of situation, without the zebra herd dropping like flies and killing not being a constant behavior.
-------------- Note: It is still necessary to have animals be keeper fed, as I have not yet discovered a way to allow herbivores to simply graze for food. This means that hunting behavior will be very rare to actually observe unless you're starving your herd animals- however, if you set your keepers to only visit yearly and have few enough of them that the animals may go longer periods between feedings, animals will likely hunt eventually as sometimes the keepers are late to feed, without actually starving the herd animals, just making the predators hungry enough to hunt. While the system is not 100% perfect, I do believe it is at least better than predators either mass murdering an entire herd or having your zebras sleep with your lions because you have predation and fear/intimidation disabled.