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  • Italian Translation Guide by kilay

    Italian Translation Guide
    by kilay

    Three different terms has been translated with one meaning in my language , the issue is that those terms are totally different and belong to different branches of the game mechanics

    Wounds,InjuryInjuries, Hurt, Wounded

    translated to

    FeritaFerite,FeritoFerite, Ferito,Ferito (maybe buy a synonymous dictionary is a better idea then translate)

    Imagine the confusion about Death and Monk
    so play or understand how to play a Monk is pretty impossible with this localization

    I suggest to apply these changes

    Wounds --> FeritaFerite
    InjuryInjuries --> MenomazioneMenomazioni
    Hurt --> Danneggiatoi or Lesionatoi

    Similar issue with Knoc...

  • Documentation: How to mod using stringtables

    1. Introduction:
    This is a short guide on how you could go about making your own translation of this mod. Hopefully you'll find this guide useful either way as it covers some basic modding know-how for Pillars of Eternity.

    Files you will be editing:
    Directory: /%GAME DIRECTORY%/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/exported/localized/%YOUR LANGUAGE%/text/game/


    Don't forget to make backups of the originals

    Programs and websites you will be using:

    A good text editor (i.e. Notepad++, Sublime Text 3 or Atom)
    RegEx101 (to test out your RegEx commands)

    2. How to translate this mod in...