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Not everything was lost during Caed Nua destruction. Some accessories were recovered and made their way to Deadfire!

Permissions and credits
1). What does this mod do:

This mod adds several accessories from Pillars of Eternity 1 to various vendors and locations in Deadfire.

Note: these accessories are fairly balanced and are comparable to other items sold by vendors at respective price/quality. The main reason behind this mod is to diversify merchants wares and provide little nostalgic mementos to players that have played in PoE1.

In v1.0.0 the following 8 items were added:

- Shod-in-Faith (boots):

- Gauntlets of Swift Action (gloves):

- Lavender Hat (ex Lavender Wreath) (headgear):

- Binding Rope (belt):

- Talisman of the Unconquerable (amulet):

- Fulvano's Amulet (amulet):

- Bartender's Ring (ring):

- Pensiavi mes Rèi (ring):

In v1.1.0 the following 10 items were added:

- Coil of Resourcefulness (belt):

- Crossed Patch (headgear):

- Tax Collector's Mantle (cloak):

- Telda's Ring (ring) (effect decreased in order to better fit the 2-per-encounter vs 4-per-rest limit):

- Ring of Selonan (ring) (effect decreased in order to better fit the 2-per-encounter vs 4-per-rest limit):

- Seal of Faith (ring) (effect decreased in order to better fit the 2-per-encounter vs 4-per-rest limit):

- The Ring of Wonder (ring):
- Girdle of Maegfolc Might (belt):

- Girdle of Driving Wave (belt):
  • Minor Spellbind: Knock Down: Grants Improved Knock Down (1 per encounter) (works the same as fighter's Knock Down but has an increased prone duration of 4s)

- Cloak of Tireless Defender (cloak) (limited to fighters only):

2). Where to find these items?:

3). Notes:

- Some item properties had to be slightly adjusted in order to accommodate for Deadfire:
  • Unconquerable: the focus gain was increased from +25% to +35%, in order to keep the relative gain the same as in PoE1, e.g:
  1. PoE1_focus_gain = damage_done * focus_base_gain * [1 + 0.33 (draining whip) + 0.25 (unconquerable)] = x * 1.58. And that's a +18.7% gain over x * 1.33.

  2. PoE2_focus_gain = damage_done * focus_base_gain * [1 + 1.00 (draining whip) + 0.35 (unconquerable)] = x * 2.35. And that's a +17.5% gain over x * 2.00.
  • Sickened Immunity: was changed to Constitution Affliction Resistance, because: a). it fits Deadfire mechanics better; b). there is no way to implement immunity against a specific affliction tier, because current Deadfire spells don't add Sickened per se, but directly apply malus to healing and constitution.

- Extra: 
  • There is no wreath model in Deadfire. Lavender Wreath was renamed to Lavender Hat and had it's description lore-friendly edited to reflect this change. (thanks to Phenomenum for the idea and translation)

4). Changelog:

  • v1.1.0: added 10 more items
  • v1.1.2: adjusted prices, texts and how some items made their way to Archipelago
  • v1.1.3: added CN translation (by HeZiji)
  • v1.1.4: adjusted CN translation
  • v1.1.5: adjusted max SupportedGameVersion in order to fix the Vortex installation warning

5). How to Install:

  1. Download the mod.
  2. Open <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/ folder.
  3. Find the /override subfolder. If it's missing - create it.
  4. The correct file path would be: <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/
  5. Extract the SpoilsOfCaedNua folder into your override directory. 
  6. Double check that the path is: <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/SpoilsOfCaedNua/localized
  7. That's it. You can launch the game.

6). How to Update:

  1. Delete the SpoilsOfCaedNua folder from /override folder
  2. Proceed as described in the previous 5). "How to Install" paragraph

7). How to Uninstall:

  1. Unequip all custom items added by this mod
  2. Save the game, and quit to menu
  3. Untick the mod in mod menu
  4. Exit the game and delete <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/SpoilsOfCaedNua folder
  5. Start the game as normal

8). Troubleshooting:

  • If you are loading a save that was made prior to v2.1.0 version of the game, there is a small chance to not see the item at the suggested store/vendor. If this happens: leave the store (or even better travel to adjacent zone) -> save the game -> exit to desktop -> load the game and that last save -> go check the vendor. The item should be there.
  • If Shod-in-Faith boots didn't appear in your inventory, which can happen if you had no free slots in main character's personal inventory, or the first save you loaded after installation of this mod was a save made on the older version of the game (prior to v2.1.0), you can do the following:
    • make sure you have free slots in the main character's personal inventory
    • save the game
    • exit the game
    • download a script file here: google drive link
    • drop it to \PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\SpoilsOfCaedNua\design\gamedata\
    • start the game, and that's it)

9). Possible Conflicts:

  • My mod is using ModScriptHookGameData, so there should be NO vendor related conflicts with other mods, even if they add their stuff to the same vendor.
  • There still might be UUID or String ID collision related conflicts. But this is very unlikely.
  • I am using the following String IDs range: 131300000 - 131399999

10). Credits:

  • Obsidian for creating Deadfire, and adding modding possibility
  • BMac from Obsidian for the related guides
  • Phenomenum for Russian translation and description adjustments
  • HeZijie for Chinese translation

My other mods:
  • Portraits Pack - a collection of 40+ water-colored portraits
  • Community Patch - provides an array of balance improvements that were reviewed and approved by PoE community, and is mostly focused on slightly buffing the spells and abilities that were deemed under-performing by experienced players