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  1. hakinaro
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    Im sorry if this has been asked before but with the custom xml does it work on animal companions i typed in my companions name and it didnt change the stats or do i need to type in something else for it's name?
    My bad i had my iemod folder in with the patchwork and the managed folder and the custom needs to be in the managed folder so if anyone else has a problem double check that
  2. pidong123
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    Anyone have link for pillars of eternity asset editor, or have idea how to switch item appearance/texture?
  3. cthlulu
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    FYI, for anyone who missed the optional step and thought achievements were disabled, you can launch the game directly through Steam every once in a while to update your achievements that you got while playing through the IEMod launcher.
  4. Hurlocks
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  5. Saltfever
    • supporter
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    FYI, enabling the custom stats for npc gives me the "can't load next map" error when trying to start a new game.
  6. fireundubh
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    Debugging mods like this one is hard. It's possible to debug Unity applications (attach a debugger to them, I mean), it's possible to debug modified assemblies, and it's possible to debug assemblies you don't have any debug symbols for. Unfortunately, there is no tool that allows you to debug all three, and I have no idea how to make one.
    This is how you debug all three.
  7. draconiak
    • member
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    Hi! First off I'd like to thank everyone involved in this project as it's a great mod. I have a little issue with it though and not sure if it's still maintained but there you go;

    Adding an animal companion talent through console adds the intended effect for the ranger instead of the pet. For example; if you use addtalent tln_faithful_companion for Sagani the intended defense applies to Sagani herself instead of Itumaak. I think it's due to a script that is running on talent selection on level up that redirects the effect to the animal companion but I lack the means and knowledge to check for sure. Selecting the animal companion before addtalent defaults the selection to ranger too. Is there any known workaround for this?

    Edit: OK! My bad. Using findcharacter to find the ID of animal companion and adding the talent to it fixed this
  8. emoen769
    • member
    • 46 posts
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    Don't know if anyone is answering these anymore, but does the model viewer command still work? It keeps saying no command exists when I try and use it

    EDIT: nvm, I found a way to get to the command but it doesn't include white march items so... yeah no worries. If anyone else is looking for it. The command is only accessible through the unstable version .dll
  9. FLRoll
    • member
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    would it be possible to patch the Stronghold Turns to days mod in?

    rly sucks u can't play with both atm...
  10. BrutaleBent
    • member
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    Hey, mod works almost flawlessly for me, and is overall really great - but in the menu lines;

    Nerfed XP Table
    Per-Encounter Spells Mod
    Extra Wizard Prep Slots
    Cipher Base Focus
    Etc etc

    along with Pellegina's Disposition,

    The text just says "Resolution" instead - did I do something wrong during installation? :O

    EDIT: Aaand I fixed it by ticking the "Fullscreen" part under Graphics - don't mind me, and again, thanks for a super awesome mod! <3