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  1. LuizGuerra
    • member
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    anyone knows a way to make it work on MAC? copying the modified dll from a windows and renaming it does not work
  2. LuizGuerra
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    anyone knows a way to make it work on MAC? copying the modified dll from a windows and renaming it does not work
  3. Dhanauranji
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    ReenableAchievements seems to not be working. Had to rollback to a save without 'em to make 'em work again. :(

    Or am I doing something wrong?
  4. zaper123123
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    Anyone ever had enemies taking random huge damage not in the log? I've been seeing this both inside and outside of combat, random enemies get one-shot by nothing.
  5. infernoaoz
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    hi all,
    it seems, for me, shortcuts like ctrl+r or ctrl+s doesnt work for me... i have done everything correct. i can see the ingame IEmod menu but cant use the shortcuts.
  6. deusmisereatur
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    This is truly a great mod indeed!
    I have a couple of questions regarding this mod, though:
    1) Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I've been trying to tinker with certain functions of this mod with dnSpy. Decompiling the method of any particular class seems fine enough, but recompiling 'em after making a select few changes is causing some issues, in particular, when a method calls a private method of the original assembly file, I get a CS0117 compile error.
    I could bypass this by editing the method in the original assembly file itself to be a public one, but I was just wondering if there was a less intrusive way of making the changes I want (which I gather was the purpose of introducing the Patchwork system in the first place).
    For the record, the changes I was planning of making was to remove the class checks for both Priests and Paladins in their respective methods of calculating the bonuses each class gets from their disposition ranks - my goal is to be able to add their unique talents (Holy Radiance, Faith and Conviction) to non-Priest and -Paladin classes and still obtain the bonuses from obtaining the right disposition ranks.
    2) Am I the only one whose RemoveTalent console command removes said talent from ALL the companions? Even respeccing a character (via ClassChange) removes all the talents said character has, as well as any other talents shared by other party members. I read that this mod alters the RemoveTalent command, so I was wondering if this was a byproduct of that.
  7. jedi7000nathan
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    Can someone explain the install for this in english
  8. bbqsauceomgwtf
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    Hi Everyone,

    Loving IE Mod so far, was able to mod global values for the Act 2 quest 'Undying Heritage'. For those of you who cleared Heritage Hill before going up the tower and accidentally let go of Aldhelm's dinner (Saeda, the prisoners, enthralled guards), it's possible to change SetGlobalValue n_Aldhelm_Food 1 then SetGlobalValue n_Aldhelm_Hunger_State 2 so you can get the Gift from the Machine special ability with the corresponding journal entry and cutscene. There's also a global value for n_Aldhelm_Dead incase he's been killed so it might be possible to get the Gift from the Machine without him. Once those SetGlobals are done, click the machine and proceed with the option to absorb the souls (you can also check your work with PrintGlobal n_Aldhelm_Food and PrintGlobal n_Aldhelm_Hunger_State to see if the commands worked).

    It's also possible to add the Gift from the Machine ability directly to your main char with AddAbility, but you would be missing a lot of text and graphic flavor (no pun intended).

    Good luck!
  9. necrocannibalistic
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    Hi all,

    Is there any way to change party size with IE? I'm interested in having more for the interactions between the companions.

  10. Mentaltyranny
    • premium
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    Great job to the author and updater! However, I would like to let everyone know that if you want to the Spell Mastery system to behave in the vanilla, un-modded fashion, you must go to the in-game Options menu, the click the IE Mod tab, then look for the Per-Encounter Spells Mod drop-down list (if the text left of the drop-down lists just says "Resolution" or appears otherwise off, try clicking another tab... such as Game, Difficulty, Auto-Pause, etc... and returning to the IE Mod tab).
    From here, click the box to the right (says "No Change" by default) and choose "All spells per-rest" option. This will make the Spell Mastery system work as vanilla, with one one spell as an encounter spell at each spell level every two levels starting at level 9, with the rest being per rest.

    If you leave the Per-Encounter Spells Mod drop-down as "No Change," it will still function as vanilla until level 9. At that point, all level 1 spell uses become per encounter instead, meaning that even if you use all of your level 1 spell uses in a single encounter, they return at the conclusion of the fight! This is the way Spell Mastery functioned until v3.0/WM2, which would be fine if this is just allowed players who prefer the old Spell Mastery system to return to it, but it those levels spell casters receive the single use encounter power for a single spell as well. Functionally, level 9 druids, priests, and wizards gain both Spell Mastery systems with "No Change" drop-down selected, which clearly is not "No Change" at at all!

    I am guessing this issue is a result of the Spell Mastery mod being developed prior to v3.0, and the "No Change" was designed to keep it as it was in the old system. This would explain why the old system is still present and the new system is not removed, the author just did not account for it. To be fair, this is not a high priority issue, and does not need to be fixed for players desiring vanilla behavior, those players just need to change to "All spells per-rest." For the record, I have not tried the other drop-down options, just "No Change" and "All spells per-rest," and I am not sure how they behave; but I would guess they would have a modified version of the old system as described in the drop-down option, alongside the new system of Spell Mastery.
    1. v1ld
      • premium
      • 266 posts
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      Thanks for pointing this out. I just ran into this, spamming level 1 spells at will on Aloth. Good to know how to reset to 3.0 behavior.