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  1. zolomolo
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    An error has occurred , While trying to : Launch the application Error type : Related to reading / writing files . ( FileNotFoundException ) Internal message : C : \ pillars \ pillars of eternity rsOfEternity.exe The application will now exit . PillarsOfEternity_Data \ Managed \ LauncherlEMod PillasOfEternity.exe
    The application will now exit.

    Worst instruction I've ever seen. I have read it many times and I have no idea what to do. It gives such an error in the patchwork part.
    1. Paulog13
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      It couldn't recognize the exe file.
      I'm 99% sure the reason is you  hadn't chosen the win folder inside "C : \ pillars \ pillars of eternity".
      That's where my exe folder is located in my case.
  2. SwiftyMagee
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    Just wanted to post that as of this date (March 24, 2023) IE Mod still installs correctly, and I can launch Steam Pillars of Eternity v. (the latest version) without any errors.

    I haven't started playing yet, so I don't know if there are any bugs or glitches with the game and IE Mod, but as PoE hasn't been updated in years and IE Mod's last version was updated for game version, I don't expect any weirdness.

    But in case anyone is wondering, yes, the mod still works, and as long as you follow the instructions the mod should have no issues installing itself.
  3. ShadowWulfe
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    Any way to get this working with the GOG overlay? Replacing the Assembly file as recommended creates a GUI error. 
  4. kathrynfr15
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    Is there a way to update the alt textures to be correct and not...  all wrong?
  5. notwenjc
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    Occlusion Opacity slider doesn't work.
    The slider for this setting in the Graphics menu is non-functioning in my game.  I can move it, but it just resets to the default value of 0.3 once I leave the menu; new settings refuse to save.
    Running the game without the Patchwork Launcher (necessary for IE mod) permits the opacity slider to work again.

    Found a workaround however. 
    Fully disable IE mod and patchworks. Run POE as normal. Set occlusion opacity to wanted setting and apply. Load save game, save game, reload game, check its applied, exit game.
    Now you can put the mods back on and the opacity will be stuck at the newly changed setting.
  6. Bradek
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    Does this work with current version?
  7. fredamora
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    Does this still work with the latest game version? Thanks.
  8. RafaelgFaria
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    With this mod is it possible the change the player size/height? If not only the player, is it possible to change a race size?

  9. Ira5cible
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    can you update this for this version please? thanks!
  10. TheMinister1901
    • premium
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    I'm encountering the following issue: 

    The mods displays correctly, accepts my console commans, but they simply don't take effect.