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  1. MicroWarrior
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    Has anyone been using this mod and having a stable experience? There are a lot of reports of issues and it seems the mod is abandoned. I want to make sure it still works before using it in my playthrough.
    1. PerpetuallyAmiss
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      No idea since I'm in the same boat my self. Only want to use it to disable the backer Npc's because I have no faith in there writing or consistency and added others cuz they sounded nice. But if you're not in a hurry I'll let you know how it pan's in the following weeks.
    2. PerpetuallyAmiss
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      • 13 posts
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      I haven't made much progess cuz its a long ass game and figuring out builds and such takes a while with ocd like mine, but so far so good and I been using console commands and cheat engine like mad to respec companions like mad so I can just use adventurer builds for em with out losing out on their stories.
  2. Adoniis
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    Will this ever be updated? I have Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition (EPIC Games) and the patch is up to 3.8, or can anyone explain how to get it to work with the newest patch, please? This is a must have mod, shame it's just rotting away.
    1. TieraMarille
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      Same :( v 3.8.1
  3. LukasDF91
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    Guys, anyone else here having problems to change stats for Durance? It doesn't recognize any change I made to him in custom.xml file, it works for Aloth and Eder.
    1. lsimo
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      Durance's name in the game files is "companion_GGP".
  4. nexusnext2us
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    To teleport to any map in the game, here is a list of strings you can type into the console.

    They will work if you have IE Mod installed and as long as you have "enabled cheats" in the "IE Mod option screen". This is going to save me some time when backtracking to already visited locations on my 2nd playthrough of Pillars of Eternity. (There was a list of these locations on the internet before, that was linked to by this IE Mod page: "http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console".) Unfortunately that link is broken, so I made my own list from the data I found in the install folder of the game.

    To Teleport to any map in POE follow these simple steps.

    1. Bring up the console in game after loading a save by pressing ~
    2. Press "enter" as prompted
    3. Copy and paste any of the following strings into the text field, and press enter again.

    areatransition ar_0001_dyrford_village 1
    areatransition ar_0002_dyrford_tavern_01 1
    areatransition ar_0003_dyrford_store 1
    areatransition ar_0004_dyrford_tanner 1
    areatransition ar_0005_cave_ogre 1
    areatransition ar_0006_dyrford_crossing 1
    areatransition ar_0007_temple_skaen 1
    areatransition ar_0008_cliaban_ext 1
    areatransition ar_0009_cliaban_ruillaig_01 1
    areatransition ar_0010_cliaban_ruillaig_02 1
    areatransition ar_0011_dyrford_tavern_02 1
    areatransition ar_0012_dyrford_temple 1
    areatransition ar_0013_dyrford_mill 1
    areatransition ar_0014_dyrford_house_01 1
    areatransition ar_0101_copperlane_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0102_copperlane_house_01 1
    areatransition ar_0103_copperlane_house_02 1
    areatransition ar_0104_copperlane_house_03 1
    areatransition ar_0105_copperlane_house_04_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0106_copperlane_house_04_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0107_catacombs 1
    areatransition ar_0108_copperlane_tavern_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0109_copperlane_tavern_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0110_expedition_hall 1
    areatransition ar_0111_copperlane_great_library 1
    areatransition ar_0201_first_fires_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0207_first_fires_keep 1
    areatransition ar_0208_first_fires_palace 1
    areatransition ar_0209_first_fires_ruins 1
    areatransition ar_0210_first_fires_embassy 1
    areatransition ar_0301_ondras_gift_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0302_ondras_gift_brothel 1
    areatransition ar_0303_ondras_gift_trading 1
    areatransition ar_0304_ondras_gift_house_01 1
    areatransition ar_0305_ondras_gift_lighthouse_01 1
    areatransition ar_0306_ondras_gift_lighthouse_02 1
    areatransition ar_0307_ondras_gift_lighthouse_03 1
    areatransition ar_0309_ondras_gift_house_02 1
    areatransition ar_0310_ondras_gift_house_03 1
    areatransition ar_0311_ondras_gift_lighthouse_01b 1
    areatransition ar_0312_ondras_gift_brothel_02 1
    areatransition ar_0313_ondras_gift_house_04 1
    areatransition ar_0314_ondras_gift_house_05 1
    areatransition ar_0315_ondras_gift_house_06 1
    areatransition ar_0401_brackenbury_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0402_brackenbury_hadret_house_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0403_brackenbury_hadret_house_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0404_brackenbury_sanitarium_01 1
    areatransition ar_0405_brackenbury_sanitarium_02 1
    areatransition ar_0406_brackenbury_reymont_manor_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0407_brackenbury_reymont_manor_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0408_brackenbury_house_doemenel_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0409_brackenbury_house_doemenel_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0410_brackenbury_inn_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0411_brackenbury_inn_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0412_brackenbury_inn_cellar 1
    areatransition ar_0501_heritage_hill_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0502_heritage_hill_tower_01 1
    areatransition ar_0503_heritage_hill_tower_02 1
    areatransition ar_0504_heritage_hill_tower_03 1
    areatransition ar_0505_heritage_hill_mausoleum_01 1
    areatransition ar_0506_heritage_hill_mausoleum_02 1
    areatransition ar_0508_heritage_hill_house_01 1
    areatransition ar_0509_heritage_hill_ground_01 1
    areatransition ar_0601_stronghold_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0602_brighthollow_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0603_brighthollow_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0604_stronghold_great_hall 1
    areatransition ar_0605_stronghold_dungeon 1
    areatransition ar_0606_stronghold_barracks 1
    areatransition ar_0607_stronghold_library 1
    areatransition ar_0608_warden_lodge 1
    areatransition ar_0609_chapel 1
    areatransition ar_0610_craft_shop 1
    areatransition ar_0611_artificer_hall 1
    areatransition ar_0612_curio_shop 1
    areatransition ar_0701_encampment 1
    areatransition ar_0702_ruin_interior 1
    areatransition ar_0703_ruin_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_0704_valewood 1
    areatransition ar_0705_gilded_vale 1
    areatransition ar_0706_esternwood 1
    areatransition ar_0707_raedrics_hold_ext 1
    areatransition ar_0708_raedrics_hold_int_01 1
    areatransition ar_0709_raedrics_hold_int_02 1
    areatransition ar_0710_raedrics_hold_int_03 1
    areatransition ar_0711_temple_eothas_int_01 1
    areatransition ar_0712_backer_inn_lower 1
    areatransition ar_0712_temple_eothas_int_02 1
    areatransition ar_0714_backer_inn_upper 1
    areatransition ar_0715_home_01 1
    areatransition ar_0716_blacksmith 1
    areatransition ar_0717_aslaugs_compass_lagoon 1
    areatransition ar_0718_madhmr_bridge 1
    areatransition ar_0719_windmill 1
    areatransition ar_0720_home_02 1
    areatransition ar_0721_sea_cave_int 1
    areatransition ar_0722_home_03 1
    areatransition ar_0723_bear_cave 1
    areatransition ar_0801_black_meadow_wilderness 1
    areatransition ar_0802_gilded_vale_wilderness 1
    areatransition ar_0803_elmshore 1
    areatransition ar_0804_stormwall_gorge 1
    areatransition ar_0805_pearlwood_bluff 1
    areatransition ar_0806_searing_falls 1
    areatransition ar_0807_lle_a_rhemen 1
    areatransition ar_0808_lle_a_rhemen_2 1
    areatransition ar_0809_pearlwood_bluff_cave 1
    areatransition ar_0810_gilded_vale_hideout 1
    areatransition ar_0811_woodend_plains 1
    areatransition ar_0812_twin_elms_northweald 1
    areatransition ar_0813_searing_falls_drake 1
    areatransition ar_0814_elmshore_cave 1
    areatransition ar_0815_northweald_cave 1
    areatransition ar_1001_od_nua_old_watcher 1
    areatransition ar_1002_od_nua_xaurip_base 1
    areatransition ar_1003_od_nua_ogre_lair 1
    areatransition ar_1004_od_nua_head 1
    areatransition ar_1005_od_nua_drake 1
    areatransition ar_1006_od_nua_catacombs 1
    areatransition ar_1007_od_nua_forge 1
    areatransition ar_1008_od_nua_vampire 1
    areatransition ar_1009_od_nua_ossuary 1
    areatransition ar_1010_od_nua_experiments 1
    areatransition ar_1011_od_nua_fungus 1
    areatransition ar_1012_od_nua_vithrak 1
    areatransition ar_1013_od_nua_banshees 1
    areatransition ar_1014_od_nua_tomb 1
    areatransition ar_1015_od_nua_dragon 1
    areatransition ar_1101_hearthstone_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_1102_hearthsong_passage 1
    areatransition ar_1103_hearthsong_market 1
    areatransition ar_1104_hearthsong_home_01 1
    areatransition ar_1105_hearthsong_home_02 1
    areatransition ar_1106_hearthsong_home_03 1
    areatransition ar_1107_hearthsong_inn 1
    areatransition ar_1201_oldsong_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_1202_oldsong_the_maw 1
    areatransition ar_1203_oldsong_noonfrost 1
    areatransition ar_1204_oldsong_the_nest 1
    areatransition ar_1301_twin_elms_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_1302_weald_of_fates 1
    areatransition ar_1303_hall_of_stars 1
    areatransition ar_1304_hall_of_warriors 1
    areatransition ar_1305_blood_sands 1
    areatransition ar_1306_elms_reach_home_01 1
    areatransition ar_1307_elms_reach_home_02 1
    areatransition ar_1308_elms_reach_home_03 1
    areatransition ar_1401_burial_isle_exterior 1
    areatransition ar_1402_court_of_the_penitents 1
    areatransition ar_1404_sun_in_shadow_01 1
    areatransition ar_1405_sun_in_shadow_02 1
    areatransition ar_1501_yenwood 1
    areatransition px1_0001_village_ext 1
    areatransition px1_0002_steel_flagon 1
    areatransition px1_0008_house_03 1
    areatransition px1_0101_ogre_camp_01 1
    areatransition px1_0102_ogre_camp_02 1
    areatransition px1_0201_durgans_battery_exterior 1
    areatransition px1_0202_durgans_battery_tower_base 1
    areatransition px1_0203_durgans_battery_mines 1
    areatransition px1_0204_durgans_battery_forge 1
    areatransition px1_0205_galvino_workshop 1
    areatransition px1_0206_galvino_workshop_02 1
    areatransition px1_0301_western_exterior 1
    areatransition px1_0303_cave_01 1
    areatransition px1_0304_cave_02 1
    areatransition px1_0305_mercenary_camp 1
    areatransition px1_0306_concelhaut_int_01 1
    areatransition px1_0307_eastern_exterior 1
    areatransition px2_0002_abydon_shrine 1
    areatransition px2_0003_shop 1
    areatransition px2_0301_abbey_ext 1
    areatransition px2_0302_abbey_main 1
    areatransition px2_0303_abbey_lower 1
    areatransition px2_0401_eyeless_ext 1
    areatransition px2_0601_durgans_battery_west_tower_lower 1
    areatransition px2_0602_durgans_battery_west_tower_upper 1
    areatransition px2_0701_stalwart_mines 1
    areatransition px2_0702_vithrack_caves 1
  5. morrowindjames
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    I just downloaded the Steam version of Pillars of Eternity and IE Mod options are available in the main menu but when I load a game or start a new game I get Loading Error and am returned to the main menu. This is with v3.7.0.1318 from Steam. Why am I experiencing this issue?
    1. Erenavaie
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      Deactivating Custom NPC Stats seems to do the trick, though I haven't tested every other option.
  6. SotiCoto
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    Since I loaded this mod, I've noticed that certain features like the Personality / Reputation and Qualifiers in speech have vanished entirely, and I'm not playing in Expert Mode.  

    Strangely enough, when I first loaded this mod and went through the options, a load of them had reset to their default settings, and all the additional factors that Expert Mode omits had been unticked, so I reticked the ones I wanted.  It doesn't seem to have taken effect. 

    I CAN still access the Stash anywhere.  I'm not sure about the others, but the ones in dialogue are most definitely all inactive despite being ticked. 
    What exactly can I do to re-enable them? 

    [Edit]: I've tried unticking the boxes.  Didn't work.  Reticked them.  Still doesn't work.   Running the game without the mod makes them show up again, but only as long as I'm not using the mod.  This is... bothersome.
  7. ProteusBlack
    • supporter
    • 186 posts
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    I can confirm the other cases below me regarding the Epic Games version.

    - Downloaded the (as the description showed it was made for the definitive edition, which is what Epic Games provided
    - Installed into D:\Games\Epic Games\PillarsOfEternity\win\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed
    - Pointed the launcher to the /win/ folder, added the dll that came with it
    - Hit test run. Upon running the patcher, an error pops up

    "An Error has occurred,
    While trying to: Patch the game
    Error Type: A system error or some sort of bug.
    (Argument Null Exception)
    Internal Message: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: Key"

    Afterward the following log is created:

    ?2020-12-14 09:59:12.425 -05:00 [Information] Created patcher for assembly: Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.482 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: <PrivateImplementationDetails>.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.482 -05:00 [Warning] Conflict between types: <PrivateImplementationDetails>, and <PrivateImplementationDetails>.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.484 -05:00 [Warning] The type called <PrivateImplementationDetails> was to be introduced under the name <PrivateImplementationDetails> but will be introduced under the name <PrivateImplementationDetails>_$pw$_yhV9X
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.485 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.BindingValue/<>c__DisplayClass0_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.488 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.BindingValue/<>c__DisplayClass2_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.488 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.BindingValue/<>c__DisplayClass3_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.488 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.QuickButton/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.488 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.QuickDropdown`1/<>c__DisplayClass25_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.488 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.QuickControls.Behaviors.BlockClicking/<>c__0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Mods.Options.IEModOptions/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Mods.Options.mod_UIOptionsManager/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Mods.UICustomization.UICustomizer/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Mods.DropButtonMod.DropButton/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Mods.BonusSpellsGrimoire.mod_Grimoire/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.StringHelper/<>c__DisplayClass0_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.MemberAccess`1/<>c__DisplayClass17_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass2_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass2_1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass2_2.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass3_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass4_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass8_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass8_1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c__DisplayClass8_2.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ReflectHelper/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.IEControlFactory/<>c__DisplayClass7_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.IEControlFactory/<>c__DisplayClass9_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityPrinter/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.ControlHelper/<>c__DisplayClass0_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityObjectExtensions/<>c__DisplayClass2_0`1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityObjectExtensions/<>c__DisplayClass20_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityObjectExtensions/<>c__DisplayClass25_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityObjectExtensions/<>c.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityObjectExtensions/<>c__DisplayClass26_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.489 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: <PrivateImplementationDetails>/__StaticArrayInitTypeSize=36.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.490 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityPrinter/RecursiveObjectPrinter/<>c__DisplayClass5_0.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.490 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityPrinter/RecursiveObjectPrinter/<>c__DisplayClass5_1.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.490 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating type for: IEMod.Helpers.UnityPrinter/RecursiveObjectPrinter/<>c__DisplayClass5_2.
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.499 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating method for: Void mod_UIOptionsManager::<mod_Start>b__36_5(IBindingValue`1<System.Boolean>).
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.499 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating method for: Void mod_UIOptionsManager::<mod_Start>b__36_18(IBindingValue`1<System.Boolean>).
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.499 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating method for: Boolean mod_UIPartyPortrait::get_IsVertical().
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.499 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating method for: Void mod_UIPartyPortrait::set_IsVertical(Boolean).
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.499 -05:00 [Information] Implicitly creating method for: AbilityActionData mod_GameResources::get_AbilityActionData().
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.770 -05:00 [Information] Clearing fields in UIOptionsManager/OptionsPage
    2020-12-14 09:59:12.771 -05:00 [Information] =====Creating new fields=====
    2020-12-14 09:59:13.422 -05:00 [Error] An error has occurred,
    While trying to: Patch the game
    Error type: A system error or some sort of bug. (ArgumentNullException)
    Internal message: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: key

    System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: key
       at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key)
       at Patchwork.Utility.CustomAttributeHelper.GetAllCustomAttributes(ICustomAttributeProvider provider)
       at Patchwork.Utility.CustomAttributeHelper.GetCustomAttributes[T](ICustomAttributeProvider provider)
       at Patchwork.Utility.CustomAttributeHelper.GetCustomAttribute[T](ICustomAttributeProvider provider)
       at Patchwork.AssemblyPatcher.TransferMethodBody(MethodDefinition targetMethod, MethodDefinition yourMethod)
       at Patchwork.AssemblyPatcher.ModifyMethod(TypeDefinition targetType, MethodDefinition yourMethod, MemberActionAttribute memberAction, MethodDefinition targetMethod)
       at Patchwork.AssemblyPatcher.UpdateMethods(SimpleTypeLookup`1 methodActions)
       at Patchwork.AssemblyPatcher.PatchManifest(PatchingManifest manifest, ProgressObject o)
       at PatchworkLauncher.LaunchManager.ApplyInstructions(IEnumerable`1 patchGroups, ProgressObject po)
       at PatchworkLauncher.LaunchManager.<>c__DisplayClass46_1.<Command_Patch>b__0()
       at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
       at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
    --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
       at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
       at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
       at PatchworkLauncher.LaunchManager.<Command_Patch>d__46.MoveNext()

    1. vlakvlak
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      I have exactly the same problem.
    2. Greyshirk
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      Its not a mod problem but rather the Patchwork program i.e the mod "Loader" so to speak.
      Im looking into the program and its functions right now, might be able to come up with a fix.

      The Patchwork Github can be found Here
    3. Greyshirk
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      Nevermind it IS the mod
      Internal message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      Whatever the hell that means
    4. Greyshirk
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      Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you THE almostFIX

      The mod doesnt load but the launcher boots correctly and can launch the game. So Im getting somewhere.

      Install the mod as directed by the read me and stop before opening
      Then under the Epic Games Pillars of Eternity folder at the bottom there should either be a folder named win or Pillars of Eternity, copy the folder into the win folder under data

      Then continue where you left off in the read me.
    5. Greyshirk
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      After spending an entire day on it I can officially say

      I have no idea what the f*** im doing.

      HOWEVER what ive picked up so far is that its looking for a null value that null value being "Key"

      How this is useful, no f***ing clue. But im not gonna stop poking and prodding until the author comes back or I fix this s*** myself.
      I dont care if I have to learn C# to do it!
    6. Greyshirk
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      I sadly do not have the time to figure this out.
      All I know is that Patchwork is conflicting with script in Assembly-CSharp.dll which is a Unity compiled file of separate C# files (The mods)
    7. RobVespa
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      See my response under the bug section. It isn't the mod. It's the Epic release. It's completely janked. Weirdest thing. I just sorted this out on my end by installing it via Twitch (Amazon Prime Gaming) - Saves carry over.

      I don't know of a way to fix the Epic version. If you look at what the files should be versus what they are, you'll understand. Epic, Obsidian and Paradox have known about this since PoE became available on Epic and have done nothing to date.

      Edit: As an aside, the executable version in the Epic release is the earliest one, not the most recent as it should be. I've no idea how it's even running... and don't know if it'll play through to the end. Again, it's completely janked - and over twice the size it should be (60gb vs 27.5 - which can be further reduced if you don't want the extras).
    8. ProteusBlack
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      I wonder if Epic has been doing this with other games that they were putting up for free over the holidays (using outdated versions that have limited compatibility with certain things like mods). Hmm...
    9. TheProvost123
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      which folder should i copy to win folder for the fix?
  8. NicotineCaffeine
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    My friend, unless you change the 80% of the gameplay, you won't ever go nearer the infinity engine. This gameplay sucks, and that's it. There's no flee from combat, and the stealth mode is ridicolous, and the fact they divided this sort of combat mode and exploration mode is simply idiotic. Although changing some stuff like enabling looting and changing inventory stuff also in combat it's surely already a good start, i can give you that.
  9. Acleacius
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    This is to confirm it's still working on the latest Steam version 3/26/21.

    Thanks again for your work on this mod, is it possible to merge other mods into IE? I've tried the readme, it's how I got IE installed and working.
    I could have missed something, if there's info on how to compile new mods into IE.
    I was hoping to use 40 level cap and skills, and True Spell Mastery.


    Edit: Is there still a way to hide Cloaks in the game world? I see the disable cloaks in the inventory only, unless I'm doing something incorrectly?
  10. Antinate
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    I followed instructions to a T so I can confirm that the version released via the Epic Store looks incompatible with this mod.