Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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About this mod

The mod adds the option to assign a hotkey for each Weapon Set, the AI and Stealth button and for Quick Slot items on the action bar. Additionally you can assign hotkeys to select the next and/or previous character.

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About this mod

So, here we are again. It's their second game and they still don't provide hotkeys for these commands. This is a port of my two Pathfinder: Kingmaker mods, Weapon Set Hotkeys and Toggle AI and Strealth Hotkey. Additionally Quick Slots, i.e. for potions, scrolls etc. and the function to scroll through selectable characters can be hotkeyed as well.

There is no key validation. Make sure other installed mods don't use the same key!

Installation (tested with game v1.0.6d, UMM v0.23.5b)

  • Install the Unity Mod Manager
  • Either add the mod using the mod manager or extract the contents of the archive to the 'Game\Mods' folder (e.g. Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Second Adventure\Mods)
  • Ingame press Ctrl + F10 to open the mod manager dialog
  • In the Additional Hotkeys section, enable the the options you want to use, select a textbox for a command and assign a key, toggle additional options, etc.
  • Enable verbose logging is only relevant if you have problems with the mod and should be disabled during normal gameplay


  • Weapon Sets:
  • Assign a key for each weapon set and/or a key to scroll through them. This can be applied to all selected characters and to the inventory, character sheet and spellbook via the mod options menu.

  • AI and Stealth:
  • Hotkey function is applied to all selected characters. Only works 'on the field'.

  • Quick Slots:
  • A key can be assigned to each of the five slots. Items displayed in the Quick Slot bar are always left aligned regardless of their position on the inventory panel. With the option Use quick slot placement you can choose between Quick Slot bar and inventory placement.

  • Character Selection:
  • You can assign two keys to select the next and/or previous character according to the character panel. (pets included)

Available localisations English, German (is set according to game language, defaults to english)

Known Issues

  • Quick Slots:
  • Selected items a character CANNOT use, i.e. spells, etc., are activatable via hotkey but the items ability is not executed and the item is not consumed

Either uninstall the mod using the mod manager or simply delete the HotKeySetAiStealth folder in the games 'Mods' folder.


  • to newman55 for the Unity Mod Manager
  • to Spacehamster2 for the helpful suggestions (which are still valid after almost three years...)
  • to Owlcat Games for Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous

Source code available on GitHub