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A quickly put together voice pack for a more down to earth kind of voice. I really do not like the original Carefree Female so that is why!

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A quickly put together voice pack for a more down to earth kind of voice.

This mod is just a soundpack to replace Carefree with Jaina (Blizzard games). 
I do not much like the original soundbank for Carefree, but I didn't have the xml for its soundbank so I had to reverse engineer, hence why it wasn't the first replaced voice pack. This one has a lot of different sources, so I can't just list Heroes of the Storm this time around, but that would also be why if you find some of the dialogue to be inconsistent in tonality, I tried to keep them as relevant and core to the idea of a Jaina-like character, without having all the magic quotes (as I felt it fair to keep it as inclusive as possible for other builds)

Hope you all enjoy it!

All credit goes to the legendary and possibly best voice actress so far! Laura Bailey and Blizzard.

1) Navigate to "SteamApps\common\Pathfinder Second Adventure\Wrath_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks\Windows"
2) Backup "PC_Female_Carefree_GVR_ENG.bnk"
3) Use 7zip to unzip the file and drop it into the same folder

Restore PC_Female_Carefree_GVR_ENG.bnk in the audio directory above
("SteamApps\common\Pathfinder Second