Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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Brawling goes from the Stolen Lands to the Worldwound, so go knock out some demons with your bare hands.

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Ports over the Brawler class as it was mostly implemented in Call of the Wild for Kingmaker. Adds archetypes as well for it.

The base class was a pretty accurate recreation of the tabletop class so you can just read this for a handy readup of it. The tl;dr, it's like Monk and Fighter in a blender (also, no Lawful requirement).

As for the archetypes, there are changes from CotW's implementation as some stuff  was reliant on CotW-specific implementations of classes like Hunter and I wanted to keep the scope of the mod to be one class + archetypes only in terms of changes a user has to care about.

Venomous Fist - pretty accurate to the tabletop version and is a generally straight port of the CotW version. Your unarmed attacks do less straight damage and you lose knockout but in exchange can poison enemies for both HP damage and later on, ability stat damage you level up. Enemy saving throws can negate some of this.

Wild Child - This archetype trades out the bonus combat feats for an animal companion and mounted combat feats ala Monk's Sohei archetype. 

Snakebite Striker - We lose the bonus combat feats and the maneuver trainings, but in exchange we get Sneak Attack, a special variant of Opportunist (it lets you make two attacks of opportunity per round at a high enough level), Vital Strike (and the Improved and Greater versions) + Rowdy's bonus to Vital Strike. (This is obviously different from RAW since Feint isn't implemented as a thing in WotR by default and not aiming to be a full CotW replacement and what not so...)

Steel-Breaker - Lose other maneuver training + brawler's strike, gain exploit weakness (pick a target and succeed a Wisdom check and gain bonus to attack rolls + ignore DR OR get bonus to dodge AC + Reflex saving throws against the target), and you still retain sunder and disarm training.

Turfer - You lose maneuver trainings + knockout, but you gain favoured turf (+2 bonus to initiative, +1 bonus to CMD and CMB, bonuses increase at certain level points) and terrain mastery (+10 feet movement speed in favoured turf, bonus increases at certain level points)

Beast Wrestler - You lose maneuver trainings + AC Bonus, gaining Beast Trainings (+2 bonus to CMD and CMB bonus against trained enemies, bonuses increase at certain level points) and Beast Mastery ( You gain half your beast training bonus in AC against trained enemies)

Exemplar - You trade out Brawler's unarmed strike trainings in exchange for Bard-like abilities in a fighter-esque package. Plus you can share certain Teamwork feats with your party.

Mutagenic Mauler - Exchange AC bonus and some of your combat feats in exchange for access to Alchemist's mutagens.

Installed like any other Unity Mod Manager-based mod. Obviously, this mod becomes a hard requirement for saves where it's in use.