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This is a simple mod that allows a user to edit their save games. Note there is one file for Mac and one file for Windows!

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Hey all.  I'll be honest I did this project as a learning opportunity for me to play with some python.  There is a Mac version (as far as I know this works great for folks as I've had 0 negative feedback) and a Windows version (this is a complete beta version that I need feedback on).

The source code is hosted on github and you can compile it easily for any platform that supports python.

Usage Instructions (Windows):

Download and unzip the windows editor.  Double click on the pathfinder_launcher.bat.  Everything else is like the mac editor.

Usage Instructions (Mac):

Download the mac version file and unzip it where you want to (REMEMBER THIS IS FOR A MAC!).  You should have a folder containing a pathfinder_editor file and a bunch of files that end in a '.o' extension.

You can launch the app from the command line where ever you have downloaded it:


The command will open the editor. 

Once open you can use the file menu or shortcut key "CTRL-o" to open the file dialog and select a save game file to edit.paste the path to your save game file(normal path on a mac is /Users/[USER_NAME]/Library/Application Support/unity.Owlcat Games.Pathfinder Kingmaker/Saved Games/ ).  

You will be able to edit:

  • Money
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • Companions
  • Portraits
  • Alignment
  • Kingdom Build Points
  • Combat Abilities (AC, CMB, CMD, Base DMG, etc.)
  • Speed

You can swap between Player Stats, Skills, and Kingdom data using the tab buttons.

Once you are done simply save from the file menu or by the shortcut key 'CTRL-s'.  Be aware it may take some time for the save to occur!  The files that Pathfinder uses are HUGE!

A new save file will be created the file should be unique by the millisecond time stamp when you created it.  In game you should find it with the name 'Edited - ' followed by the name of the original game.

At this point enjoy the new abilities: