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Adds a basic progression to your vendors that grants you rewards for increasing some of your kingdom stats. Includes magical versions of every weapon and armor type in the game, as well as most scrolls and many wands.

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This mod adds a simple progression of rewards for increasing the ranks of your kingdom's Military, Stability, Divine and Arcane stats.

Military and Stability ranks grant basic magical weapons and armor, whereas Divine and Arcane grant their respective scrolls and wands.

For example, at rank 6 military you'll have access to +1, +2 and +3 weapons of (almost) every kind, as well as +1 corrosive weapons of almost every kind. At rank 6 stability, you'll have access to +3 armors and shields. At rank 6 arcane/divine, you'll have access to sixth level spell scrolls of that type, as well as third level wands.

The affected vendors are Verdel (your capital's smith) for weapons and armor, and Arsinoe/Jhod Kavken for scrolls and wands.

The idea behind the mod is to indirectly increase the viability of some underdeveloped character paths.

The Use Magic Device skill now has a real purpose, the Scroll Savant wizard archetype as well as the wizard class itself are significantly improved, the Magus wand-related arcana are now more relevant, Armor-wearing tanks are slightly better, and you won't ever specialize in a particular weapon type only to later find that almost none exist in the game.

Low tier scrolls and wands are abundant and higher level ones are exponentially more rare. You will, however, gain at least two copies of every spell in the game up to spell level 8, so long as you advance your Kingdom's studies enough.

Caveats: Not all weapons are available at all enchantment levels, and most wands start with fewer than 50 charges. This is in an effort to prevent any sort of save issues. As a result, you can freely add and remove this mod without worrying about anything - but the items already added to vendors will remain there until you buy them.