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Thrice? What was missing?
Oh, right, the ethereal damage.
Now with Partiality support!

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The True Form of the Thrice-Wrought Halberd lets you experience the full mightiness of the coolest halberd in the game as it was supposed to be, adding back its missing ethereal damage. Missing ethereal damage, you read that correctly, and I give you a few reasons to let you understand why it's actually missing.

Its name: Thrice.
Thrice what, exactly? Why isn’t this just called Double-Wrought Halberd? The weapon has nothing to do with the word thrice; the damage, the lore, nor even its appearance gives you a hint of something that could be connected to that word.

The actual numbers.
The halberd, even though is an unique 2-handed weapon, does way less damage compared to other similar weapons that can be found in the same area. Worldedge Greataxe and Starchild Claymore to name a few. The total damage of the halberd is 36, compared to 53 of the greataxe and 51 of the claymore. Pretty low, even though it should be in the same tier of the aforementioned weapons. Brand, the 1-handed unique, does exactly the same damage of the "Thrice"-Wrought Halberd, and you know what's funny? Brand does even more damage since it applies both pain and chill!

The animation.
The particle effect is composed by a strange gradient of colors: blue and pinkish/purple, and something brighter in-between, yet the weapon does fire and cold damage. Why it’s purple and blue? No, wait, why it's not red and blue? Colors aside, the actual animation is clearly a flame. On top of that, if you hit an enemy with the coolest weapon in the game, the impact is made with three different and distinct particle effects: a flame, a little burst of ice, and something pinkish. 

And you know what's the reason of all of this?
You got it.
The missing ethereal damage.

This mod gives its deserved damage back to the Thrice-Wrought Halberd. If you want the original feeling to do things harder for no reason -as I do-, you can find in the optional files the toned-down version, which brings each source of damage to 15.
So, why are you still reading? Aren't you fully converted? Don't be silly. Come, and experience the True Form of the Thrice-Wrought Halberd.


As always, I want to say thank you to Outlander from Discord who taught me so many things that I lost the count.



This mod needs Partiality Mod Launcher to work.

  1. Download the newest "Partiality Launcher" from here: https://github.com/PartialityModding/PartialityLauncher/releases.
  2. Extract the file wherever you want.
  3. Run "Partiality Launcher.bat".
  4. Click the "File" tab, and then click "Open".
  5. Browse and locate your "Outward.exe".
  6. In the APPID, make sure there is the ID of the game: "794260". If there isn't, put it manually.
  7. Download the 18 or 15 version of "The True Form of the Thrice-Wrought Halberd.rar" and unzip it in the "Mods" folder.
  8. Click "Refresh Mod List", and check the new mod.
  9. Click "Apply Mods". Launch the program if you wish, or close the window.
  10. Enjoy!

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