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A complete remake of all the shields: more durability, tweaked impact resistance, plus elemental resistance and damage, and a lot of variability.
Now even the shields have some love.

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The Rising of the Shields was something that I had in my mind since the first time I saw how the shields were in this game: they're almost all the same, more an aesthetic thing than anything else. No shield has a damage resistance, no shield has actually a bonus of any kind aside the impact resistance. The only worth using is the Tsar Shield since it has infinite durability, a value that is very low on all the other shields. When I saw that my big-piece-of-metal had half the durability of a colored and pointy hat, I was sure that something wasn't actually right.
Shields didn't have the love that they deserved.

This mod gives the love to all the shields minus the Tsar Shield, which in my opinion was the only one balanced out there.
Now every shield has more durability, many have a buff to impact resistance, some of them have elemental resistance and/or damage bonus, and a few of them have a special bonus.
Most importantly, they all feel unique in some way.


What this mod changes

- Plank Shield

Old: 10 impact
New: 9 impact, -10% fire damage resistance * This is a piece of wood, what did you expect?

- Mushroom Shield

Old: 10 impact, 50 durability.
New: 12 impact, 150 durability, +10% decay resistance and damage * When enemies hit this mushroom, it releases poisonous spores.

- Round Shield

Old: 12 impact, 75 durability.
New: 13 impact, 175 durability.

- Fang Shield

Old: 14 impact, 100 durability.
New: 15 impact, 200 durability.

- Dragon Shield

Old: 15 impact, 100 durability.
New: 18 impact, +10% physical damage, 300 durability * Now it can be called "Dragon" Shield.

- Old Legion Shield

Old: 15 impact, 100 durability.
New: 16 impact, 250 durability.

- Steel Shield

Old: 125 durability.
New: 225 durability.

- Crimson Shield

Old: 150 durability.
New: 250 durability.

- Fabulous Palladium Shield

Old: 17 impact, 175 durability.
New: 18 impact, +5% to all elemental resistances, 350 durability * Fabolous!

Gold-Lich Shield

Old: 17 impact, 175 durability.
New: 18 impact, +10% mana cost reduction, 300 durability * Now this is a Gold-Lich Shield.

Palladium Shield

Old: 17 impact, 175 durability.
New: 18 impact, +15% fire resistance, 350 durability.

Wolf Shield

Old: 17 impact, 125 durability.
New: 18 impact, +15% frost resistance, 300 durability.

Zhorn's Demon Shield

Old: 17 impact, 150 durability.
New: 18 impact, -10% stamina cost, 300 durability * An unusual demon force helps you in battle.

Horror Shield

Old: 200 durability.
New: 15% decay resistance, 300 durability.

Marble Shield

Old: 18 impact, 150 durability.
New: 19 impact, +10% fire damage resistance, 300 durability.

Ornate Bone Shield

Old: 125 durability.
New: +10% ethereal resistance and damage, 250 durability.

Tower Shield

Old: 100 durability * yes, seriously.
New: +15% lightning resistance, 300 durability.

Inner Marble Shield

Old: 175 durability.
New: +5 pouch bonus, 300 durability * a secret pouch is carefully hidden at the back of this shield. 


I want to personally say thanks to Outlander from Discord: this mod wouldn't exist without him. You can find his template (the one that I used) here: https://github.com/sinaioutlander/Outward-Shield-Mod



This mod needs Partiality Mod Launcher to work.

  1. Download the newest "Partiality Launcher" from here: https://github.com/PartialityModding/PartialityLauncher/releases.
  2. Extract the file wherever you want.
  3. Run "Partiality Launcher.bat".
  4. Click the "File" tab, and then click "Open".
  5. Browse and locate your "Outward.exe".
  6. In the APPID, make sure there is the ID of the game: "794260". If there isn't, put it manually.
  7. Download "The Rising of the Shields.rar" and unzip it in the "Mods" folder.
  8. Click "Refresh Mod List", and check the new mod.
  9. Click "Apply Mods". Launch the program if you wish, or close the window.
  10. Enjoy!