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---------------------------- Carcernus v 3.0 A Prison Mod by SurfingApe October 27, 2006 ---------------------------- Imagine a old, dark Ayleid prison, located deep underground. The only sounds inside are the drip, drip, drip of water, the echo of footsteps from the guards, and the noise of the \'residents\'. There are people

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Carcernus v 3.0
A Prison Mod by SurfingApe
October 27, 2006

Imagine a old, dark Ayleid prison, located deep underground. The only sounds inside are the drip, drip, drip of water, the echo of footsteps from the guards, and the noise of the 'residents'. There are people in Oblivion who deserve an empty, cold stone cell, and now the perfect place is here. It now has cages and a questioning room for your somewhat dark pleasure.

Introducing Carcernus, by Surfing Ape! With this mod you can throw your enemies (or just the annoying people you meet) into jail for the rest of eternity. You can start cage fights between prisoners. You can stand and laugh as they roam around their cell, trying to find an exit. You can put mortal enemies in prison next to the Adoring Fan. You can, if you really want, throw dremora, clannfears, imps, guards, Martin, shopkeepers, anyone, into jail.

Installation + Upgrading
Unzip and place in Data folder. Select CarcernusPrison.esp in Data Files window when starting Oblivion.

If upgrading from the previous version of Carcernus, please move your prisoners out of the first 8 pit cells to the left of the warden office. The prison has changed layout to reduce walking.
If upgrading from Prison.Esp (version 1 of this mod), simply uncheck Prison.esp and check CarcernusPrison.esp
If you have prisoners in the old version's cells... first transfer them over to Carcernus then uncheck prison.esp.

Prison Layout
Carcernus is a large prison with 3 separate areas. It houses several sets of guards, a cook, guard dogs, rats + crabs, and a few prisoners left over from the last Warden. There are over twenty cells - some of them are sunken pits, others are standard cells with doors. Some cells are large, others are more like a narrow slot with a bedroll and a stool.

There are holding cells next to the entrance. These are fenced in by magically-reinforced wood. With a balcony above, these holding areas are perfect for staging cagefights. Also ideal for cagefights are the sunken stone pit cells - they all offer good viewing from above. Spotlights have been added to these areas.

There is a questioning room with two cages dedicated to it, right down the hall from the Warden's office. Both rooms are located in the main prison area. If you use the scroll/buttons/Move to Cell spell to move prisoners around, you can get prisoners transported into the cages located in the questioning area. Traps, a 'hot seat' cage, and other things lie in here.

The barracks is located near the guard desk, through a door. It has a sleeping + eating area, a kitchen complete with a cook, and a training/storage room. The guards have full, if rudimentary AI's, but no special dialogue or capabilities. There are two guard shifts, with two sets guards are patrolling the halls at all times and another guard remaining at watch by the entrance. They also take a break before and after their shift and eat for a while. The guards carry shields of light (patrolling ones) because I simply could not get the guards to light torches inside without a script... and the script didn't work due to the guards 'helpfully' removing the torches every 5 seconds. The dogs currently wander around aimlessly.

The Cells are located towards the rear of Carcernus. Two doors lead to Cell Block A, a looping hallway where most of the locked cells are located. The remainder of the cells are down the hall from the Warden's office, which is located down a hallway, between both cell blocks.

Access + Usage
Access to Carcernus is gained automatically when the mod is selected under Data Files. When you first start up, the mod will give you a spell titled "(P) Go to Carcernus". Casting this spell will bring you to your hidden prison. (In the future, there will most likely be a quest and a physical location of the prison...) When you get there, you will be facing a button. This is the "exit" button, pressing it will place you back on Tamriel, right where you left. NOTE: Casting this spell again, while in the prison, will bring you to the entrance. Very useful if you jump into a cell to interrogate a prisoner or something, and need to get back out.

To properly use the prison, enter the complex (through the button operated gate) and walk down the tall hallway into the Warden's office (third one on your right. There is a smaller desk that has a key on it and a lever mounted on the wall, flip this to assume all the powers (and responsibilites) of Warden.

Once you are Warden, several spells are given to you. These spells are detailed below.

Spell Details
Note that all of the prison control spells are prefixed with a (P) to group and make them easy to find. (got the idea from Mighty Magicka)

(P) Go to Carcernus: Already mentioned, this spell brings you to the entrance. Pressing the button in the complex's entrance places you just where you were on Tamriel. Casting this spell in prison brings you back to the entrance.

(P) Clap In Irons: Uses the setRestrained function to restrain a person fully - they can yell, process AI, but not move.

(P) Free from Irons: This unrestrains the target.

(P) Imprison in Carcernus: This is how you send people to jail. Sends the target to Holding Area A (also known as a cagefight arena), from which you can Move them to a Cell (see below). This in no way modifies the target except by giving them my prisoner faction. It's a non-hostile spell. If they are aggressive to you, they still will be - but can't do much inside a cell except maybe chuck a spell. If they like you, they still will like you - sort of. If they're a storyline NPC, they keep that flag and cannot die.

(P) Mark for Transfer: Works out of prison. Marks a location to manually teleport a prisoner. Used to free prisoners (mark someplace on Tamriel) or stick them, if you're strange, someplace else.

(P) Transfer to Mark: This spell transfers whomever hit to the spot previously marked by (P) Mark for Transfer. A good way to set someone free or put them up in a different environment.

(P) Move to Cell: Each cell near the Warden's office can be selected by walking to it and pressing the giant button next to it. They can also be selected by reading the "(P) Warden's Control Scroll" in your inventory. Whomever is hit by this spell will be sent to the cell selected. Easier to use than the Mark/Transfer pair of spells - I use this to set up cagefights + questioning quickly without changing cells.

(P) Remove Target Items: This, um, strips a person of their items. I got tired of seeing guards and such I had imprisoned (during testing) in full armor and with swords.

(P) Cagefighter One: This spell selects the person hit as a cagefighter (through the use of factions).
(P) Cagefighter Two: This spell selects the person hit as an enemy to anyone hit by the first spell. Both of these spells are necessary (usually) to start a cagefight. Cast one on one person, the other spell on another person. Best done sneaking, in my experience, so they don't target you (despite my efforts to avoid that, it still happens sometimes.)

(P) Take for Questioning: This puts the target hit in the "hot seat", inside the questioning room. This unfortunate cage has a fire burning in it. You also get transported to the area immediately. Can't be cast out of prison for wierd scripting reasons.

Forum Dwellers:
KorJax for coming up with the latin name (obvious in hindsight, but glad he suggested it.)
Lucien Lachance for ideas
sjaor for reporting the reocurrance of the escaping prisoner bug
supergothmailboxstalker for ideas and comments on TESSource (traps etc)
Quite a few other people for offering useful ideas and criticism.

Compatibility, Copyright, Author Information
This third release has been tested in private and should have no compatibility issues with any other mods.
This is of course a copyrighted work and may not be duplicated, modified, or reused without the author's permission. Please ask me if you want to use this mod as a base for a mod of your own, unless you are making a -personal- change. Please ask me if you want to redistribute this mod or include it wholesale in a mod of your own, as this can lead to out of date versions being available. My website, such as it is:

Version History
Version 3.0: Oct 27, 2006
Bugfixed, made smaller, (probably) fixed the escaping prisoner bug, doors on all cells, new warden's office remodel, new questioning room with pit cells, cages dedicated to it. Key + spell switch in Warden's office. Quite a few brood cages added, questioning room is fleshed out, this will likely be final version.

Version 2.0: Oct 23, 2006
Doubled size and complexity of prison, titled Carcernus. Changes almost too numerous to list.

Version 1.0: Oct 20, 2006
first release to public.