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  1. Scadoosh118
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    I ran the exe, told it what I want, activated the eps, the game says hold the button you want to sprint and click ok, and then it just spams that and I cant get around it
    1. xXGravyButtXx
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      Had the same problem. Make sure whatever key your binding sprint to isn't already binded to some other control.
  2. SuperQuail
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    Hmm. I really want to try this out because I really want running to cost fatigue.
    However, there are no uninstall instructions under the description. Anybody know what would be involved, specifically?
  3. hemonecrophagia
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    It keeps telling me the drive it wants to install to doesn't exist, I tried placing it into my oblivion directory, and still nothing.
  4. lubronbrons
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    Hello Deathless Aphrodite,

    Thank you for your great works, thank you for sharing with us

    I am here want to ask for your permission to integrate this great mod to my mod here >>> Amulet of Greed,
    of course I'll add you in credit section
    that's it for know I think.
    Thanks again
    1. Deathless Aphrodite
      Deathless Aphrodite
      • supporter
      • 1,089 posts
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      Of course, go ahead.
  5. spliffmaster
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    Everyone who's got trouble with the speed and armors stats being bugged:

    You can fix it with the UOP ingame item. Thanks to arnott for pointing it out!
    1. drummerman55
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      I know this is a 5 year old post but THANK YOU. My speed was +300 and I had no idea why.
  6. Malurth
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    This mod is infuriating. Aside from the install being a sketchy .exe, it refuses to accept Shift as a sprint key. I was told you had to unbind Run to do that, and upon doing so, the script's configuration menu straight-up stopped responding to left-clicks, so the only thing I can bind Sprint as is now the Up key, which closes the dialogue.

    You really couldn't just have the fatigue drain/keybind be in an .ini and have a normal zip file like the rest of the modern world?
    1. Deathless Aphrodite
      Deathless Aphrodite
      • supporter
      • 1,089 posts
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      As I said, 9 year old mod, I had no idea how to make an ini at the time, don't know if it was even possible with the tools we had. The exe was a bad idea.

      It's very unlikely it will work in an already heavily modded game, given its age.

      Oblivion and its modding tools were uninstalled in 2010 from my rig. I've been out of the modding world for years, so there's no chance whatsoever this mod will get updated.

      If someone wants to do it I'd be happy to hand over the mod.
  7. orangemountain
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    Just a helpful criticism, NO ONE feels good downloading or installing EXEs from anonymous or informal sources. At a guess I'd say more than half of the people who had enough interest in your mod to download it immediately erased it without installing, like I did. Please post your mod in the conventional format, an archive or omod, or something mod manager friendly. Thanks.
    1. llde
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      The files on the nexus are scanned for virus auotmatically trought virustotal. And if you have a good antivirus you are safe. I can tell you that people with ill intent would not use this method to install virus into your computer, the use more subtle method(as replacing with virus safe mods). While the thing you say had partially sense when the automatic check still didn't exist, now is deprecated. Also if a file is reported that can be a virus, generally they are checked by expert users or moderators. also you should check also which reputation has the mod author(if they have only a file, don't trust, but if theu already had many files that were reported as safe, well I will trust them). as I think that you didn't deleted immidiatly the UOP installer
    2. t63gm74a
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      I agree with orangemountain, unless it's 100% necessary, try not to made it a exe file.
      In this case, omod is enough, so exe is unnecessary.

      Anyway, thanks for the mod.
    3. Deathless Aphrodite
      Deathless Aphrodite
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      • 1,089 posts
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      You are right, of course. This was one of my first mods from a time when there were no easy tools for users to install a mod, so I made this bad choice.
      Anyway, this mod is 9 years old, I have not been playing or modding Oblivion for at least 6 years and I don't plan to update anything.
      If somebody wants to re-upload it in a more acceptable format, feel free to do it.
  8. nicktheduke
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    Mod works great altho sketchy .exe file is not a good look. Run the program and it will automatically install to your Oblivion Data folder. I set my sprint key to "X" in-game and everything seems to work flawlessly.

    Note: Sneaking Detection Recalibrated incorporates this mod through an .ini and adds a ton of more features. Currently being developed on BethSoft forums. You can download a stable version here on Nexus. I will definitely uninstall this mod once SDR is finished.
  9. Tristamid
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    I'm having issues using Running Revised, with sprinting, fatigue, configurable by Deathless Aphrodite

    with OBGE Reloaded

    Everything was working fine until I realized that OBGE's Plugins weren't installed correctly. Upon fully installing everything under the OBSE subfolders, Running Revised stopped working. I can still bring up it's Sprint Menu by hitting my Sprint Key (left shift) and my left and right strafe keys (A, D respectively) to reassign it, but even new keys don't work.

    It's not just that. No other sprint mods are working at the moment either. Including:
    Skyrim Sprinting for Oblivion by DiemCarpe

    If someone could look into this, as I am, and find a compromise, that would be great. Thank you.

    EDIT: After disabling several features in the ini files, such as
    every keybinding and feature therein

    CombatMode= 1
    CameraMode= 0
    EquipmentMode= 1
    SleepingMode = 1
    (setting all the above to every combination of 0/1)

    I've gotten no closer to fixing this. It almost seems as if the .DLL file itself is preventing any of the sprint modules from working. Now including:
    Skyrim Sprinting for Oblivion by DiemCarpe

    Simple Sprinting by Kamikaze
  10. Stranger270
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    Hey, I have a problem... When I set the sprinting key to left SHIFT, the game freezes and I can do nothing, exept moving mouse. When I set sprinting key to, for example, N it works fine... Any idea how to fix it?
    1. thehunter1202
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      maybe the shift key is bound to something already? i made sure to switch shift and alt. alt to walk and shift to sprint