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Added: 13/09/2006 - 05:52PM
Updated: 07/01/2008 - 11:56PM

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Last updated at 23:56, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 17:52, 13 Sep 2006

Beta 0.6 of AliveWaters (Includes both addons!!)- Updated 23/05
This mod main aim is to improve the underwater aspect of oblivion to make you actualy enjoy being underwater.
The original underwater landscape was so boring, just rocks and sand! A bit like the moon.

What this version contains (including addons - see below):
-6 retextured sea weed types
-Greater use of the existing seaweed varieties
-Added way over a 1000 respawns to the water.
-Scripted Fish AI
-New Retextures Chest and Very Rusty Weapons.
-Three main wrecks with some very valuable treasure.
-Rusty items placed under bridges and in docks.
-Placed submerged logs in Leyawiins waters
-Different types of repawns for Rivers, Gold coast, Leyawiin coast, Shallow Waters and Wrecks
-Adds Koi to the IC and Anvil Ponds.
- There is a chance that small crabs will appear on the river and sea bed.
-New fish Models and/or textures :
-Koi (14 varieties)
-Pineapple (Knight)
-Kelp Bass
-Scaly Slaughtefish
-Sea Crab

- Added ingedient to all the fish (including 5 new meshes and textures)
- Many other wrecks (large and small), clutter and chests underwater. Some chests are quite valuable!!

Version history

Made Compatible with the 1.2 patch.
Added 4 more ingredients (all new models and textures)
Added a slaughterfish Addon (with a new variety)

-Slaughterfish have the same AI as the rest of fish.
-They are also removed if they swim on land.

Added a chance that a small crab will spawn (original (river) new texture (sea))
Improved the script so that fish will be instantly removed when chaced on land.
Added 7 more varieties of Koi (As RWTS textures amazing)
Improved the normal maps of all the fish (now that my texturing has improved ;) )
Tweaked all fish stats to make them more realistic (especially damage and health).
Changed the seagrass mesh to a normal grass one (aiming to remove the Wierd grass bug, its still there but seems to have been reduced)
Sorted a bug with one of the wrecks having an open side (off Anvil).
Combined all addons to 1 download.

(0.5) Added a Eel to the mod, one small version and one slightly aggressive larger version.
Tweaked the Alphas on the Seaweed.
Added another grass type Seaweed.
Removed the bug where dead fish would be removed when they hit the surface.
Improved the fish Moverment.

(0.41) Just added a failsafe to keep the fish off the land.

(0.4) Added a New Respawn Type for shallow water - to spawn small perch and minows.
Added and retextures the logs from BoC.
Placed Logs in the dark Leyawiin Waters.
Rigged a Bass to add to the sea life.
Rigged a Minnow for the steams.
Removed Retextured slaughterfish.
A new much improved method of keeping the fish off the land. Which is working rather well!!
Created and textured a new mesh for the ingredients of the herring.

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Read the Readme for installation instuction.