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An updated version of the great Alive Waters mod.

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I've been using Alive Waters for years, but I recently noticed a few minor bugs. Windsurfer hasn't been active on the Nexus in years, so since I was bored and needed something to do, I decided to go through it and fix anything that needed fixing. This is the result.

Note: This archive does not contain the meshes and textures, just the esps. You have to go download the original mod (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/6914/) to get the assets! While you're there, endorse his mod, if you haven't already.

As of v 1.0, this mod requires OBSE!

Alive Waters:
* Added a new script that prevents fish from appearing on land (thanks to Luke2135).
* Fixed the name of Minnow Fin ingredient.

Slaughterfish Addon:
* Added a new script that prevents fish from appearing on land (thanks to Luke2135).

Alive Waters:
* Restored the Find packages to all fish (I forgot there are no pathgrid nodes underwater, hence they can't wander).
* Added the Find packages to one of the eels and the knightfish (both had Wander packages originally).
* Moved some spawns to avoid conflicts with Better Cities.

Koi Addon:
* Added a closed loop of pathgrid nodes to the ponds in Anvil and the Imperial City so the koi will move around.
* Expanded the wander radius for the koi's AI package from 5 to 256.

Alive Waters.esp:
* Fixed a landscape error near Castle Anvil.
* Sank some rocks on the seafloor nearby that had seethrough undersides.

* Removed the Daedra, Dremora, Oblivion Creatures, Vampire, and Undead factions from the fish and one crab, and added Creature faction.
* Replaced the Find AI packages with standard wander packages.
* Many RockUnderwater280 items were replaced with spawn points; I restored the rocks and placed the spawns by hand to avoid conflicts. I also fixed numerous rocks/spawn points that had been placed in the wrong cell (which changed the cell's coordinates and likely was a source of CTDs).
* Replaced the rock used to block the hole in the sunken ship near Anvil with a new rock, rather than a vanilla one (Better Cities alters this area, replacing the rock to its original position and exposing the hole).
* Deleted the script (see below).
* Fixed numerous wild edits.
* Cleaned the esp with TES4Edit.

Koi Addon:
* Removed the Daedra, Dremora, Oblivion Creatures, Vampire, and Undead factions from the koi (yes, they had them too).
* Deleted two duplicated-in-place koi spawns in the Anvil pond.
* Deleted a spawn placed well below the IC Arboretum.
* Cleaned the esp with TES4Edit.

Slaughterfish Addon:
* Replaced the Find AI packages with standard wander packages.
* Deleted the script (see below).

Regarding the scripts:

I removed the script from Alive Waters because, in short, it didn't work and was probably more detrimental in the long run, in terms of performance vs. immersion (see below). It had two parts:

The first part is OnLoad; when a cell loads, it checks all the spawns and disables any that are more than 3500 units from the player (this is why many people noticed that the waters seem rather empty).

The second part is a GameMode script; it modifies the (remaining) fish's Aggression, Confidence, and Speed; if a fish comes within 350 units of the player, its Aggression is set to 100, which will make it attack. This part also contains the block that will kill fish if they stray onto shore, though I've never seen it happen (the kill/disable part; I see fish flopping around onshore all the time). Fish don't normally attack humans, and the part that's supposed to kill them if they stray on shore doesn't work because it's set to check if the fish is at > -10 on the z (height) axis (i.e., the fish gets to 0 feet/meters elevation, in real-world terms); the problem is that shorelines vary greatly, and many (if not most) are below -10 (IOW, the script will never fire).

The script in the Slaughterfish addon was a cut-down version; it disabled all fish over 3500 units away, and was supposed to disable any fish that got to less than -5 units on the z axis.

The script in the Koi addon kills/disables any fish that gets above 110 units in Anvil, or 3440 units in the IC (basically, just above the surface of the water); I removed the disable part, but left the rest alone, since it should work. Since there are a limited number of fish in each location (five in Anvil, and four in each of the districts), and they're closed worldspaces, the performance hit from it being a GameMode script should be negligible.

Alive Waters No Fish: Per user request, I fixed up this esp and uploaded it as well. It didn't have any issues beyond needing cleaning with TES4Edit.